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Jun 4, 2007 07:39 AM

Per Se-What to eat and wear?

What is the dress normally at Per Se? We're going soon and I have no idea what to wear. Also, does everyone rec doing one regular and one veggie menu? Its just my husband and I going.

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  1. You don't need to wear formal attire, but business dress is appropriate. I would recommend ordering the regular menu--it's wonderful!

    1. Dress nicely...nothing overly fancy is necessary but it is a special night on the town. If you are not vegetarian, I would strongly suggest against getting the vegetarian menu...the meat and the fish are so exquisitely prepared... enjoy...what an amazing treat!

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        I agree - the regular menu is excellent. And if there's any concerns they do offer to make a substitution if the kitchen has something available. In my one time there, a few of us noted to our server that we do not eat veal (which was one of the courses) and they were able to substitute beef, or if we wanted they would have also done a pasta course.

      2. I believe jackets are required for men. It was quite funny -- when I was there a couple of weeks ago, every single woman was wearing black and white (including me). All the women were wearing cocktail/business attire. No ballgowns, if that's what you're asking.

        I agree with what the others have said -- if you are both omnivores, order the regular menu. And please don't make the same mistake I did. If you want to try something, you should speak up -- tactfully, of course. I watched several tables get double the number of courses we did. It was quite a bummer.

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          Miss Needle, what would we ask for? If we see something someone else has, should we ask to try that?

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            We ended up dining on Sunday which is a big day for chefs to eat out. So about 1/3 of the tables ended up having double the number of courses we did. Per Se has good service. They try to make you happy without trying to kiss your ass in a overt way. I think they're the type of place if you make a comment such as "Oh, the fish dish that table is having looks so good. Is that on the menu?" they would probably try to accommodate.

        2. In terms of dress, jacket is required for men. Jeans are prohibited. There was a piece somewhere about the restaurant, it might have been in the New Yorker, which mentioned that they've sent more than a few people to JCrew to get some khakis. It seemed to me most everyone was wearing a suit.

          Can't speak to the vegetarian menu, but the regular menu is fantastic. In fact, I think any menu that doesn't feature oysters and pearls is not worth ordering.

          Enjoy yourselves! It was certainly the best meal I've ever had.

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            Last time I went there were two of the four of us who were vegetarians and the general consensus was that their meals were actually a bit better than our two regular ones.

            And yes, it's true, they are very good about switching foods due to allergies or preferences.