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Jun 4, 2007 07:22 AM

Mt. Washington Recomendations

Looking to venture to Mt. Washington with my wife this weekend. We haven't been down there too much and are a little unfamiliar with the area, weekend events, or the dining. Anyone have any recommendations for a weekend event and good dining?

I've heard about Ethel and Ramones? Anyone tried it or have a better recomendation? Thanks.

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  1. If Ethel's is the Cajun place - it's actually pretty good. There's also Crepe du Jour on Sulgrave. Crepes are decent but avoid the fries: frozen Simplot crap and not the proper pommes frites one would expect at a French place.

    There's also the Mt. Washington Tavern - tavern style food that's okay. The owners also own the Oregon Grille in Hunt Valley so their table service is slightly upscale but just standard fare, nothing innovative.

    There's also a rather standard sushi place in Mt. Washington as well.

    If you're willing to move slightly away from Mt. Washington - I like Miller's Deli for Jewish sandwiches on Smith Avenue a couple miles up the road.

    Then there's always the interesting and quirky restaurants on 36th Street in Hampden - just a short drive down Falls Road.

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    1. I recomend the Cog Railroad. It is a little expensive, though.

      You must mean Ft. Washington, MD.

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        No, Mt. Washington is a neighborhood in northern Baltimore.

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          My apologies for the wise guy answer. I have not heard of that town.

      2. Just went to Ethel and Ramones last week for the first time (with no real expectations) and was VERY pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed the weather and friendly, casual service sitting out on the porch. They have a nice but small beer and wine selection. I got the lamb chops, my weakness, which were the best I've had in some time, she got the special - which I think was a halibut in a phyllo purse with brie and something I'm forgetting - Excellent.
        Again, this is coming from a one-time observation, so I can't say that it is regularly this good. Based on my one visit, however, I'd definitely recommend it over the other Mt. Washington offerings.

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          mt. washington tavern is on my never-rerturn list of b'more restaurants. For myriad reasons. The food is standard low rent fare ---not attrocious not dee-licious--and that is expected. The service is abyssmal. Absolutely bottom rung. The servers are all tots. Boys Latin Holden Caulfield wannabees with that shaggy "I'm a lacrosse dude" hairdo and lackadaisacal attitude. Hire some damn adults. Add in huge tables of uncontrolable families (adults as well as children) bored innattentive hosts and, yes shoddy chow. Skip this blemish by all means.

          1. re: flmx

            I couldn't agree more. My real Mt. Washington rec is to go somewhere else, but that said, Ethel and Ramones and Crepe du Jour are at least ok. But the Mt. Washington Tavern is repulsive on every level. We went once and swore never again.

        2. nothing great in Mt. Washington - Mt. Washington Tavern is just fair - not too far away is Mccabes on Falls Road - a tiny bar but good food - excellent crabcakes - Alonzos on Coldspring has a great burger - good chopped salad - you can eat outside at Donna's at Cross Keys.

          1. Mt. Washington Tavern was a disaster for my family. We love garlic but all our entrees were drenched with the heaviest garlic taste we've ever experienced. As both the chicken and fish dishes were "tough" we came to realize the garlic was being used to disguise food that was old. Then when our check came, we had been overcharged by a 1/3 from all the entree prices quoted. Manager was rude and reluctant to honor quoted prices. STAY AWAY ! That's our plan.