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Jun 4, 2007 07:20 AM

Picking wild things (but what?)

Last week as I was cycling into the city I saw three women in the grassy areas around the on-ramps to the Jacques Cartier Bridge picking leafy things out of the ground and putting them in baskets. They were not civic employees weeding, and I don't even think they were together (they were each in a different area).

Any idea what they were picking? I assume it was something to eat, like some kind of wild leek or wild garlic or something. Do ramps grow around here?

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  1. My guess: young dandelion leaves ?
    Check this
    and this:
    Both on cooking with dandelions, including recipes. Have not tried it myself!

    1. this is the time of year to begin wildcrafting herbs...dandelion leaves are out and about, along with stinging nettles (which are the coolest herb ever, check out this link to learn about all of their amazing uses: ), motherwort, st. john's wart. our city has a pretty diverse assortment of wildly growing herbs and edible plants...check out the huge beets growing for decoration in parc laurier as the summer progresses...

      1. I travel between the city and Rouses Point, NY and have seen several carloads of people on the southbound side of the 20 near Napierville harvesting armloads of dandelion greens the past two weeks or so. Ramps do grow around here as well (yum), but are more often found in and near hardwood forest areas, no so much on the roadsides.