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Jun 4, 2007 07:15 AM

Cuisinart Brick Oven?

Anybody hear anything about these? They're a toaster/convection oven with brick lining. They come with a pizza stone, some w/ rotisserie.

I've been looking for a 2nd oven and have been thinking about a toaster/convection one, especially to use in the summer and for small things... and to supplement my main oven at holidays. I saw this and just ordered one from Amazon.

Sure hope it was worth the $$$!

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  1. Could you please post after you have used yours? I also saw this and I was interested, but it is a lot of money for me at the moment. I would save up if I thought it was worth the dough.

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    1. re: lizzy

      Will do... however it's going to be a while. The model I ordered from Amazon won't be delivered until sometime in July.

    2. Finally got my Cuisinart BRK-200 Brick oven (with convection) from Amazon. I originally ordered the BRK-300 (with rotisserie) and the shipping time was months ahead, so I cancelled that order and went with the 200 (with convection, no rotisserie). Arrived a couple of days ago. So far I've made roast chicken, Sir Gawain's summer fruit cake (with plums and blueberries), tomato confit, and heated up some crusty bread. Even toasted an english muffin! Everything came out great, didn't heat up the kitchen.

      The unit comes with a baking stone (which I haven't used yet), 2 wire racks (but you're only supposed to use 1 at a time), and a rimmed baking pan/broiler rack. I used the baking pan for the roast chicken (followed the recipe in the enclosed booklet) - lined with parchment paper as the instructions stated. Turned out very nice, although for a while it looked like the pan warped from the heat (375 degrees), but it's OK now.

      Many of my baking pans and casseroles fit in this oven (I believe it's 12x12 inches)... however my pizza peel is too big.

      I've yet to broil in it or bake bread.

      I'm glad I didn't get the rotisserie, as the size of the interior would limit the item to a small chicken.

      I'll add additional comments as I use it more.

      All in all, I'm happy with the purchase. It's very attractive on my counter and it will get lots of use.

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      1. re: mimilulu

        Thanks for posting, I have been anxiously awaiting your results. I live in the south so it's good to know that it doesn't heat up the kitchen. Since this is the only one that has a baking stone, I would love to know what you think after you use it. I keep one in my regular oven at all times, and use it frequently.

        1. re: lizzy

          Used the baking stone last night for a first attempt at pizza. Worked great! I wrote a review on Amazon.

        2. re: mimilulu

          Hi mimilulu,
          saw your note on amazon, just got my brick oven as well. I am hoping you can share some of your own recipes with me. I had asked about putting chicken pieces directly on parchment paper, on top of the pizza stone. I think that will work towards the end of baking to really make it crisp, but probably to greasy and messy in the beginning....maybe pork chops that way too. so far tho, I really like it!
          any suggestions?

          1. re: bbingy

            I haven't tried leaving the stone in while roasting in the pan... yet. Just used the stone for pizza (using the cookbook that came w/ the oven). My favorite roasted chicken recipe so far comes from "The Breakaway Cook" - basically make a paste of miso, orange zest and a little juice, rub it under the skin... coat the skin w/ lots of black pepper. I've made this recipe a few times and it's great.

            I think putting chicken pieces on parchment directly on the stone is not a good idea. The grease would run off and cause a lot of smoking/fire. You really need a dish with a rim to catch the drippings. Now if you were using skinless boneless breasts that would be different - but I much rather saute or grill those.

            My biggest challenge so far has been to find a standard 6-cup muffin tin of better than supermarket quality... I don't want silicone... only ones I've found so far have come in sets and I don't need that other stuff that comes with them.

            1. re: mimilulu

              Hi mimilulu,
              yes that was my concern, was the mess of the grease and smoke...but I think if I roast in a pan and most of the grease is out, then crisp up on the stone (with parchment) that could work. I put leftover from a restaurant on the stone that way, and it was wonderful!! so I will let you know.
              Don't know where you could find the muffin tins....maybe williams sonoma?
              so share your recipes, I am loving my oven! great to have you to discuss with.

              1. re: bbingy

                Tried chops on the grill......first seasoned put on just the parchment paper in the roasting pan......fantastic! next time will cook less time.

        3. Here is the thing. I think I might have ruined my pizza stone by washing it with soap and hoat water right out of the box. Do you think the smell and the soap will ever disapear? Number two does anyone knoe if I should always leave the pizza stone inside even when cooking meats, baking pies or even just toasting, Otherwise besides those two questions I think this appaliance seems to work great. I made some tandori chicken in it and the chicken came out really moist inside but had a crispy outside. Does anyone else think it might be overkill for toast?

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          1. re: kalkoala

            I suggest that you read the instruction manual. Never use soap on the stone surfaces. Doubtful you'll ever get the soap out. Probably best to order a replacement part.

            I don't leave the stone in for everything. When I choose to use it, I follow the instructions and preheat the oven for 1/2 hour. I don't think you'll get good results if you keep it in for toast.

          2. The original comment has been removed