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Jun 4, 2007 07:12 AM

Father's Day Ideas

My dad is definitely a Chowdaddy. Now that we live 1500 miles apart, instead of cooking him something for Father's Day, I need to send him something mail order. I had him covered for his birthday, but I'm drawing a blank for Father's Day.

Does anyone have any great ideas for a Father's Day gift, around the 50-75 dollar range? I was looking at beer of the month clubs, but I'd want to get him a 6 month subscription, and that is just too much for me to afford at the moment.

Dad is a big fan of beer, wine, bourbon, scotch, and all types of foods.
Your ideas are greatly appreciated!

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  1. How about bbq? There are several mail-order places that will ship ribs, brisket, pulled pork etc. It would be perfect for a nice June dinner. Sorry I can't recommend specific websites, we do our own.

    1. Capogiro Gelato in Philly ships...a bit steep at $60 for 6 pints, but the stuff is unbelievable. I was going to do this for my dad, but sadly, he's on a crazy diet these days and I don't want to sabotage it.

      1. I've done mailorder from The Gumbo Shop in N'Awlins and was pretty impressed. The food was just as good as eating at the restaurant. The gumbo is shopped frozen in an industrial-strength boil bag. Just heat slowly in simmering water.

        They were out of commission for quite a while after Katrina, but I just checked their site and it looks like they are back in business.

        1. It might be fun to order a regional gift a month so you could spread out the cost, eg a Maine lobster for July, Boston clam chowder in August, fresh apples from Washington in September, etc. until you've spent what you want.

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            I agree with the bbq by mail. I have been trying different places and will list those we enjoyed.
   (great pork roast!!
            ) (spare ribs were great
            ) (ribs were great-brisket pretty fatty
            ) (ribs were good-sauce interesting and love the include white bread
            )Blacks bbq does limited shipping if you call them- Shipping costs are high-but their brisket is the best I have had and their garlic susage are addictive!

            (I was not so impressed with Corkys or Countyline or Jackstack)
            Good luck!

          2. If he likes to grill you could get him a gift box from Penzy's spices. Ex. - 8 jar grill and broil set ($36 plus shipping) includes: Cajun Seasoning; Trinidad Marinade; Northwoods Seasoning; Black & Red Spice; Galena Street Rub; Jerk Chicken/Fish; Florida Seasoned Pepper; Bicentennial Rub