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Jun 4, 2007 07:10 AM

Review: The New Aureole

Friday night my sister and I had a wonderful dinner at Aureole. It was a celebration of the purchase of my new apartment. In the past few months both the chef and wine director have been changed. I am thrilled to report that everything is in top form. The food was marvelous! I've always been a big fan of Aureole, so I was a bit nervous about the change in chef. The new executive chef, Tony Aiazzi, is wonderfully creative. We had a special tastings dinner and all of the preparations were new. The foie gras preparation was with cherries (delicious); the lobster preparation was a lobster canneloni (large sweet chunks of lobster in a light pasta--very yummy!); the salmon preparation was a smoked filet of salmon with asparagus and morels--also wonderful; the lamb preparation was also delicious, but to be honest, I was too full by the time it was served. There was an amuse bouche of tastings of beets (and normally I don't care for beets, but these were delicious too). We had to pass on dessert (other than get sorbets). I really wanted to try the tiramisu and the new chocolate tastings--well there's always next time. The wine director has recently changed too. We've been big fans of Scott Brenner--and we look forward to his new venture, but the new wine director, Heather, did a wonderful job! We wanted a German Riesling, and she picked a winner for us: the 1997 Prumm Auslese. Service was its usual top of the game. Alex, the maitre d', had a glass of champagne ready for us since he knew we were celebrating. Timing of the courses was perfectly paced. I'm looking forward to my next visit to Aureole (especially for the missed desserts!).

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  1. I too recently returned to Aureole with the new staffing and had a wonderful experience. It's exciting to try the new dishes and meet the new staff. I look forward to following the previous chef and wine director's new ventures but have room on my plate to return home to Aureole for classic, yet exciting new menu. This will mean a number of repeat visits very soon. Don't forget to have a cocktail from Ektaros (sorry if I flubbed the spelling), the bartender. They are divine.