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Jun 4, 2007 06:25 AM

SoftShell Crab Preparation Ideas?

I have always loved soft-shell crab in restaurants and have never prepared myself. I sometimes find restaurant versions overly breaded and over fried-

does anyone have any tried and true suggestions on how to prepare to really get the great taste out of them- Im really more or less up for anything?

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  1. This is nothing revolutionary, but good. I simply dredge them in flour (seasoned with salt and pepper), then pan fry in a combination of butter and peanut oil. But I like to serve them on a bed of arugula or other flavorful raw greens dressed with a lemony vinaigrette. The bitterness of the greens, and of course the lemon, help cut the potential oiliness (is that a word?).


      There was a discussion on this 2 weeks ago; thankfully on the same day that I had purchased some soft shells. I made the following recipe and it was excellent!
      When you buy them, be sure they are really fresh and ask the fish store to clean them.
      They only took about 8 minutes to cook, very light and great with a nice Pinot Grigio.
      HMMMM. My fish store is closed Mondays, darn it!

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        thanks, cant wait to pick some up on the way home tonight. im going to actually load them up with flour and hot sauce and try to make somewhat degreased version on the foreman grill tonight based on what Ive read.

        one of these sites showed the nutrition content of SFCs, they are like a superfood! now Ill feel even better.