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Jun 4, 2007 06:22 AM

New Japanese Restaurant - New Brunswick, NJ

Has anyone been to the new upscale Japanese joint on George in NB?

It looks like a lounge and by walking by, it had an intriguing menu- I would love to hear if anyone has been to this restaurant as of yet and your thoughts..


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  1. It is fusion--stuff like short ribs cooked in mirin along with traditional and unusual sushi. The food is quite good, the service is very friendly, and a good range of sake.

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    1. re: Gabbeh

      what is the name of this place?

      1. re: jtm297

        I dont even remember, but it is right across the street from tumulty's/soho on george street.

    2. It's called Hotoke -

      We had a dinner there yesterday - very hip decor, remiscent of upscale asian places in NYC or SF. The food is quite good too though a bit pricy. We liked lobster spring roll with wasabi cream, and vegetable dumplings with yuzu/soy sauce, Excellent sashimi.