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Jun 4, 2007 05:46 AM

Nessa in Port Chester

Does anyone know if it's open on Mondays? My father's in town for the night and I'd like to try someplace new since there have been so many good reviews on it. Also, what are the prices like? It doesn't look like they have their website up yet.
Thanks in advance :)

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  1. they have a website but it says coming soon when you visit the site so don't bother. Prices are acceptable. Not overpriced, not cheap. I would use 'reasonable & Appropriate' to describe.
    ot sure about monday's...give a call

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      For lunch for example, how much are the panini. Could i eat there for 15 or less? how about the entrees for dinner?

      1. re: Sambossanova

        Bruschetta are $3, tea sandwiches $5, panini $8, entrees are $14 - $32.

        I'm going to try and attach a menu, not sure if it will go though. You can call however and they will fax.

        1. re: amanda3571

          Based on everyone's recs, my BF and I are going to Nessa for dinner tomorrow. Very excited.

        2. re: Sambossanova

          I don't think they are open for lunch.

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          Just curious.... How long has Nessa been open? I went on Saturday, the food was good, but there were A LOT of service kinks. There were several couples (us included) that had a very long wait despite having reservations. I am hoping this can just be chalked up to "just opened" kinks.

        4. Open Monday. Closed Tuesdays

          1. Just got home from dinner at Nessa. The food was quite good, portions were on the small side (contrary to what has been posted in the past), service was ok, very noisy, nice looking crowd (Father's Day). We all had enough to eat.

            For some reason, $3 for a single slice (albeit a diagonal slice) of a baguette type bread with a bruschetta topping is annoying me. No wonder they "suggest" you order a number to try ... one order would look ridiculous on the plate.

            We had 4 Bruschetta, 1 Nessa salad (great dressing if a bit heavy handed), one pasta, one chicken and one fish. One martini and two diet cokes .... $121.XX before tip. I think this is a bit on the expensive side (although I will happily pay more for a good meal, which this was, then 2/3rd's of that amount for the usual mediocre fare found in these environs).

            They have been open since the end of Feb.

            1. took my family of 5 there for father's day dinner. the first thing you notice is the noise. wonder what the designers were thinking? the place is not that big, but talking to the person across from you is a challenge. next, you notice the service, as in why doesn't a waiter come by. took at least 20 minutes to get their attention. then, the dreaded intro from the waitress (who was, to be fair, very nice): have you been here before, if not, let me explain the menu. sorry, but the bruschetta are not for sharing -- how can you share a piece of toasted italian bread. and the panini were just too precious. a tuna sandwich is a tuna sandwich, even if you put italian tuna on it and call it a panini. the special lamb with cheese panini was very good, tho. the nessa salad was good too, tho the dressing was a little too much. as for the mains, the best was the chicken under a brick. don't know what that means, but the result was juicy tasty chicken, with excellent broccoli rape and potato puree. my wife got the lamb chops -- a decent amount, and very tasty. the polenta was excellent, tasted like truffles. the vegetable gnocchi were good, the pasta bolognese also good, and the linguine vongole was nothing special. the pasta comes in large portions, tho. didn't think much of the desserts. again, a nutella panini might sound good, but its just a chocolate sandwich. the "chocolate" dessert was tasty at the bottom, but the crispy topping was too nouveau -- as in it tasted weird. fresh fruit with marscapone was good. not a bad wine list.

              overrall, a b-plus. don't know if i'll go back tho. too noisy.

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                I know that most people don't like to eat this early, but we go to Nessa around 6 or 6:30 because we take our 5 year old. The place is mostly empty and pleasantly quiet, the service isn't slow, the staff is very nice to our kid and we really enjoy the food.

                It's still $3 for a bruschetta though.