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Jun 4, 2007 01:19 AM

Good fried fish in St. Louis?

As a native Bostonian I really miss the plethora of good fish joints back home.While there are some credible but expensive places for fish here, I have yet to find decent, reasonably priced fried fish/shellfish here. It seems that Culvers, the Wisconsin based chain, is as good as it gets.

Any suggestions? And while I'm dreaming, any places with fried clams with the bellies?

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  1. I used to live in Boston, and I enjoy the fried fish at Captain D's. It's a chain out of the South, so they will serve hushpuppies with their fish dinners.

    I also used to live in Minneapolis, and you can get really nice fried walleye at the Yellowstone Cafe, which also runs The Lazy River Grill.

    1. There maybe some on the STL side of the river that I'm not aware of, but the best fried fish I can recommend is on the east side. Try the Eagles in Shiloh, VFW in Collinsville, or any of a few taverns in Milstadt or Smithton. Usually Friday nights.