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Jun 3, 2007 11:05 PM

Tomato Water for purchase?

Sort of an obscure request, I admit. But has anyone ever scene tomato water for sale at any of the gourmet/high-end food stores in and around the city? I love the stuff, and it's takes a lot of time/effort to make it consistantly at home. I'd much rather pay the premium for someone else to do it. For example, has anyone ever seen it for sale at Pusateri's? I imagine it's a product that would fit very well within their business model.

Thanks in advance for anything offered.

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  1. Yours is a very old post. Did you ever find tomato water for sale? By now, someone must market it, but an Internet search comes up blank.

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    1. re: shsmd1

      What is it?

      The flesh / seeds / water from the inside of a tomato?

      1. re: trane

        if i understand/remember correctly you basically mash up a bunch of tomatos inside cheesecloth or something similar then hang them and let em drip into a bowl or other container. the resulting 'water' is supposed to have a very pure, potent tomato flavour

        1. re: disgusti

          so it's...just strained tomato juice.


          1. re: disgusti

            This is precisely correct. But it is very time consuming and messy to make, and produces very low yields. As the original poster noted, would gladly pay for the convenience of reaching for a bottle.

            1. re: shsmd1

              Just canned about 3 quarts as a byproduct of canning tomato paste!

      2. I can't find it online either and would love to have it. No one found it?