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Jun 3, 2007 10:43 PM

"American Food"

All the things I see here that I have no understanding of??

There will be one LESS thing on that list tonight.

I have found a resto that sells Buffalo Wings, with blue Cheese dressing!!

AND Key Lime Pie!!!


Now.. only chitlins and biscuits and collard greens and chipotle and hoagies and about a million other things you Yanks talk about to go!!!

It will probably be bloody awful, but I'm taking one for the team.

Stand by....

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  1. Oooh licensed... :)

    Sounds like a great trip to load up on grease.

    1. ok.

      pg's report:

      Buffalo wings. Ordered them mild, with a side of tabasco. They were wonderful!! Juicy and moist and crispy and the blue cheese sauce was wonderful.. creamy with a full "blue" flavour!!! $8 entree size provided 8 wings!!!

      Ordered the hot dog.

      Pretty standard frankfurt (boiled hot dog) 1/3 of a metre **gasp**. The bun was a bog standard white soft bun. Note to self: Ask for it toasted next time. The waiter was good, offering lots of options and was cool about my daughter asking for things on the side. I went the whole hog and got the dog with grilled onions, bacon, mushrooms and cheese, with chilli.

      I expected the chilli to be either a) thai style sweey chilli sauce or b) a chilli con carne type of beans and meat thing.

      What I got was a very dark smoky/sweet sauce.. similar to the smoked chilli paste often served here in Melb at Pho restaurants.. but different. It was almost a relish but not quite.

      In a side bowl it looked like a sauce, but when served on my dog, the liquid ran off and into the bun, leaving dark, smoky bits of minced chilli.

      The heat was medium for my palate, but quite lovely!!!

      If that's what you guys call chilli, I am a convert!!

      I am ashamed to say that because the servings were so huge I was unable to try the Key Lime pie.

      Noice.. verry nice

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      1. re: purple goddess

        Hey, pg, since when is Tabasco a side? And NO, that was not chili!! Be like you giving me a canned "Vienna" sausage and calling it a whichity grub. Good on yer

        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Not knowing how HOT their base line "spicy" was, I wussed out and asked for mild.. and it came with a little sachet of Tabasco, for me to use at my leisure.

          I ate the first wing "au natch", with the sauce and then decided that a small sachet of Tabasco was going to add just the right amount of spice.

          Having utterly NO base line for this sort of food, I cannot attest to its authenticity, but it was might tasty.

          So what then, is "chili" when and American orders in on a dog??

          1. re: purple goddess

            Hot dog chili is generally runnier than the chili you eat from a bowl, but it should be chock full of meat (no beans). Sound like you had a sauce that happened to have meat in it.

            1. re: purple goddess

              There are threads dealing with chili. Bobby has thrown down on chili. Basically finely chopped meat and hundreds of secret ingredients (well arguably for each: chili powder, chilis, cumin, onion, tomato, garlic, oregano, salt...) plus unimaginable technique (according to those who make the stuff). Beans or not is an issue to some, as are brown sugar, cinnamon, fruit, chocolate, beer,...). All cooked down to be complex in flavor, spicy, aromatic, ... but comforting. Great in a dog--neither runny nor solid.

              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                I dunno my FAVORITE chili is Hormels in a can! :) diced onion, hormels no bean chili cheese, ketchup, mustard....yum o yum

          2. re: purple goddess


            You did a great job describing the "chili" served atop hot dogs as well as "Carolina style" hamburgers in fast food joints across the southeast USA. Mostly a mild smoked runny bbq/ground beef and onion combination...not really what we eat as chili. "Carolina style" is a hamburger on a bun served with "chili" and cole slaw...and maybe mustard.

            1. re: purple goddess

              OK, PG - Bad News...

              You still have not tried Buffalo Wings... what they are passing of as Buffalo Wings is just pieces of chicken baked with a BBQ sauce, which is not even remotely hot.

              The recipe for Buffalo Wings is very basic and easy - you fry chix wings, you then douse them in a sauce of tabasco and melted butter, how hot you want them dictates how much tabasco you add into the butter.

              As you suspected, you did not have chili on your hotdog, just more BBQ sauce with "bits" in it...

              The burgers were allright, even thought the cheese was not melted, and the fries ok... and the onion rings were the best part of the meal, very crispy, thick and golden, although could have done without the side of... yes... BBQ sauce!

              Also, you would not have had key lime pie, even if you had had room for it! It was just a lemon tart with meringue.. it's hard to make key lime pie without key limes...

              So, all in all... Captain America doesn't really serve American food... it's too bad, because American food is really easy to do well, no complicated recipes, no expensive ingredients, no convoluted cooking methods - and you can find almost every ingredient in Australia, so it shoud have been a lot better executed...

              Oh well.... at least it was a nice night for a long drive with the top down!

              1. re: sandra in australia

                thanks for the update, darl... I really didn't know what that hot sauce with "stuff" in in was... but I was pretty sure it wasn't chili as I have seen described here...

                1. re: sandra in australia

                  Wow, the menu online even describes the "Buffalo Wings" as being a BBQ sauce. And that it's the original Buffalo, NY recipe... Not a chance. Never. : )

                  I would also like to add, being a NY girl, that Frank's Red Hot makes the best wings ever, imho.

                  I used to have my mom send it to me & my flat mate in AU...

                  1. re: dbug31

                    I second that opinion, and I'm an Iowa girl. Frank's Red Hot is the best for wings.

              2. It's just nice to see you on an "unrrestricted" diet.... go team!

                1. Things I miss about American food:
                  * Burgers (the beef is somewhat different to oz burgers) -- i'm not talking fast food burgers here.
                  * Onion Rings
                  * Mexican Food (it's mostly poor in Australia)
                  * Ben and Jerry's "Chunky Monkey"
                  * Chilli in a bread bowl
                  * Ranch Dressing
                  * BBQ Saunce (it's different)

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                  1. re: cankles

                    so Cankles... Are you familiar with the type of chilli I described???

                    It's clearly NOT chili as the US knows it...

                    Any thoughts??

                    1. re: purple goddess

                      I'm familar with the Chilli in a bread con carne.

                      I think I know what you are talking about though...the US use Chilli sauce which is different to the Chilli sauce in Australia. I found it really hard to find sweet chilli over in the US a year or so ago.

                    2. re: cankles

                      I have a friend in Australia that has never been to the US and I am making him a package and sending Ranch, Milo's buffalo sauce, my homemade BBQ, and some dry rub. Seeing as how you have experience in both countries, what else would you recommend I send? Things that are not found there....

                      1. re: lierjen

                        hate to break it to you, but there is a good chance australian customs/quarantine will sieze some of those products especially the ranch sauce. we have very strict guidelines on what food can and cannot be brought in and everything must be declared as we have a sensitive landscape, and a livestock industry that is relatively free of diseases (such as anthrax, foot in mouth, avian flu, etc.) NOTHING with egg product in it is allowed in - no matter how processed it is, without AQIS approval.
                        we can get most things here and there are stores that specialise in american branded products.

                        it's the diner style food that you can get out that we don't have, as per the original post

                        1. re: kmh

                          Well, there goes that idea then. thanks for the heads up.

                      2. re: cankles

                        Cankles, if you are inclined to cook at all, you might want to try some of the online recipes out there... for ranch dressing there are tons online! Being from TX and living in NZ I had to learn how to make corn tortillas as a matter of survival :-).

                      3. I find the Aussie-to-American food dialect a bit difficult to dicipher, but I love working out the differences.

                        I'll never forget the time my (transplanted) Aussie neighbor attempted to persuade her coworkers to try Vegemite by telling them "it's like peanut butter."

                        Or the time she told me that I could prebake a pavlova and then "whack it in the 'fridge." I've since adopted that phrase, and I love it!

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                        1. re: mamaciita

                          "Whack" and "bung" are two quintessential Australian cooking terms ; )