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Jun 3, 2007 10:31 PM

Anything new in Krakow?

I'll be in Krakow the end of June playing the KlezmerFest...Any great (or new) Polish or eastern European restaurants in town that aren't obvious from previous posts? The last post I saw was Jan or Feb...

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  1. hi!
    there are lots of polish restaurants in krakow, but for some reason, most chefs feel the need to take their mother's recipes and cover them in a generous layer of fat. seriously, i don't know why they don't just stick to their mother's recipes.
    that said, the one restaurant i am never disappointed with here in krakow is called Miod Malina, at 40 Grodzka st. a couple minute walk from the rynek (market square). it serves folky italian and polish food. while i have sampled mostly the italian side of the menu, the polish dishes i have tried have all been superb. the placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes) and the pierogis are probably the best i have ever tasted.
    hope this helped a bit! and enjoy krakow!

    1. i just remembered another great place. if you'd like to try some more unusual types of pierogi, and great place to try is Vincent's on Jozefa 11 (in Kazimierz)... here they serve their pierogis boiled whereas the place i mentioned earlier, has a crunchier, and a bit heavier, fried version.