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Jun 3, 2007 10:08 PM

Leaving DC in 10 days...places to hit before leaving?

I am leaving DC in 10 days and have no plans of returning. What are some must hit restaurants in the DC/VA/MD area? I have a car so public transportation accessibility is not an issue. Breakfast, lunch, dinner options are all welcome.

My favorites in the DC area so far are Komi and Farrah Olivia. I've been to Palena, Central, Citronelle, Cafe Atlantico, Bebo, Jaleo, etc...My experience at these places have been just so so...

Some places I've been thinking of checking out are:
Tabard Inn (been for brunch but not for dinner; heard chef changed...still good?)
Farrah Olivia (would like to go for dinner for their tasting menu, any thoughts?)
Pasta Mia
Blue Duck Tavern
Cashion's (been for brunch but not for dinner; is it worth it?)

Any thoughts yay or nay on these restaurants? Any other recommendations?

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  1. I'm in the same boat, though I'm a touch further off than you. I would not miss Restaurant Eve (tasting room if you can swing it, if not go to the bar for the 13.50 lickety split lunch).

    If I liked Etheopian food I'd try and hit Dukem or Etee one more time before leaving town.

    I'd never skip Dino before leaving town, but I'm sure you've been there.

    Hank's is a well added seafood stop.

    Tabard in is skippable for dinner. Pasta Mia just serves big portions that are cheap, it's not wonderful. Cashion's I think is great, though I know a few who have had spotty service there- I usually sit in the bar. Rasika was nothing special to me if not heavily overpriced and underflavored.

    1. If you are in Reston, I'd hit El Manantial. It's one of my favorites...relatively inexpensive, always good quality, nice selection of Spanish wines.

      1. I lived in DC about 3 years ago, right near Adam's Morgan, and went to Cashion's quite often. Their oven-roasted chicken with pearl onions is amazing, and I rarely order chicken. I would definitely check it out. In the same area, Pasta Mia is good, not great. I just saw that Galileo remains closed for renovations, and that was probably my favorite meal in DC next to Citronelle. Another place worth checking out is Vidalia if you haven't been.

        1. Forget Pasta Mia.

          After the 9-course tasting menu at Eve, I could die a happy monkey.

          1. I would def. give Cashion's a try for dinner. Both the brunch and dinner are excellent and I've always had friendly service there. I recently had dinner at Tabard Inn in the outdoor area and had a lovely experience. The food was good---not spectacular---but the ambiance made up for any short comings.

            I personally LOVED Blue Duck Tavern when I went so I would give it a shot.

            Pasta Mia is good but you can usually find something like it in other cities.

            If I was leaving town I would return to some of my favorites. If you've only been to the back room of Palena go to the bar area and order to famous burger...I love it!