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Markets selling Goya Products

I've been living in SE Florida and am returning to California. While living down here I've enjoyed the flavors of the Caribbean...specifically those with the Spanish influence. Goya Products out of Puerto Rico offer seasonings as well as great quality foods at reasonable prices. Is anyone familiar with a market that might carry that brand?

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  1. Don't worry about it. I don't know any of the numerous Latino markets that don't carry Goya. Also some of the large supermarkets like Raley, Albertson's and Safeway carry that brand with their Mexican food. However, the focus is on Mexican rather than Caribbean ... but some markets are geared toward that area.

    1. If you want Spanish ingredients from Spain, check out Spanish Table in Berkeley. No Goya there, but you mentioned Spanish and this store stocks specialty ingredients imported directly from Spain.

      For Latin American food shopping, we go to Chavez Market quite often. They have lots of Goya. Chavez is a bigger store so they are deeper in their selections than the mom and pop stores. I'm not sure what part of the Bay Area you're in, but they have a few locations. www.chavezsuper.com

      Other than that, just about any store will carry a basic selection as rworange pointed out.

      1. The Delano (or whatever the new name is) on S. Van Ness at 23rd has lots of Goya products. But I can't vouch for the prices. That market is on a fast downhill slide...

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          Why do you say it's on a downhill slide? I've only been there 3-4 times, all in the past three months, so I don't have anything to compare it to.

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            Well, when it was Cala, it was no picnic either. But now they have given to let some things run out and just not restock it. And they stopped chilling any wine save sparkling which irks me. And they seem to be understaffed much of the time. And the cheese section has slid into hell. Unless you are looking for queso fresco...

        2. I believe that Ranch 99 also carries some Goya products

          1. I agree that you won't have trouble finding Goya products, but the selection will be slanted towards Latin America more than the Caribbean. If you mention some of the items you're looking for, I'd be happy to keep an eye out in my travels and report back. I'm thinking Casa Sanchez on 24th (SF) might be a good source, and am happy to check.

            1. I live on the East Coast & have no trouble finding Goya products in the mainstream supermarkets here...King Kullen, ShopRite...I happen to be a BIG Goya fan. I love their sofrito, chunky salsa, all their beans. I find they also have the lowest sodium content to competitor brands.

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                Yeah, but that part of the East Coast has a Cuban / Puerto Rican population which is not big in the Bay Area. The question is what specific products the OP is concerned about.

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                  Yep, the major Supermarkets in Massachusetts have a lot of the Caribbean Goya products, while out here you hardly ever see that.

                  I'll also keep a look out for good sources in the Mission.

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                    If Goya has a website maybe one can purchase products directly from the site.

                2. I've only seen Goya products, not all, some of them at Vallerga's Market in Napa. You can find Goya products anywhere in the Mission District in San Francisco or East LA

                  1. This reply is over 4 years later, but I just moved back to the SF Bay Area from NYC. I'd not really used Goya products until then and now I'm in love.

                    They're a family-run business and slant their product deliveries to the demographics in the neighborhoods where they deliver. However, now they have an online store, so you can order direct from Goya: http://goya.elsstore.com/

                    I was happen when I found it. Maybe it will help someone else too.

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                      Why online when there is this resource to find local markets?
                      Goya Foods of California
                      15320 Salt Lake Avenue
                      City of Industry, CA 91745
                      Tel: 626-961-6161
                      Fax: 626-937-2464

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                        Because it's simply another option for people who are looking to buy Goya products.

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                          Probably because calling Goya is a waste of time. Called them repeatedly about a year ago to find local wholesale distributors of their products, which I wanted to sell retail, and they never ever returned calls.

                          Found out by asking retailers who sold Goya products that the NorCal distributor is Tropical Foods in Hayward. Really nice people. You can probably call them to find out what markets they stock.

                          If you're looking primarily for Caribbean Goya products, I've found the widest/best variety at Casa Lucas on 24th St in the Mission.

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                            It was just a suggestion. Who knew that they had lousy customer service besides you. I get mine at MI Tierra Berkeley and Mi Pueblo and also I'm sure I have seen it at Los Montanas, San Pablo.
                            Tropical Food Distributer
                            28456 Century St Hayward, CA 94545
                            (510) 786-9508

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                            Because, as she noted (presumably rkwalton just heard the piece on NPR that I heard: http://www.npr.org/2011/12/28/1443599... ) they slant their product deliveries to the demographics of each store. Which means that while you may be able to find lots of Goya's Mexican and Central American products, you'll have more trouble finding their Caribbean products in the Bay Area.

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                              Yep, I had just heard it and it made sense because I lived a few neighborhoods in NYC. I always wondered why one area would have certain Goya products but the area that I just moved from didn't have those products. That all made a lot more sense when I heard that interview today. ;)

                              However, me listing the site here was the pure luck of going to their site and seeing they had an online store (which is my preferred shopping option these days.) I found this thread too and decided to share that info.

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                            While online may be your favorite I checked on my latest buy, guava paste (a substitute for membrillo cheap as I am), for under $4 per can. Online I get 2 cans for under $8 and with shipping it comes to $22.

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                              Okay, first, I've not bought anything from the site yet. I found it, then found this thread and decided to share it. Thanks for the comparison shopping, but how I or anyone else spends their money shouldn't be your concern.

                              Again, I provided the link as ANOTHER option. Some people might think that just ordering from the site is a better way to spend their time since I'm assuming you can get ALL of the Goya products from the site. As I mentioned in another reply, my experience with their products is it can be hit or miss depending on where you're shopping.

                              Is this just something where you have to have the last word? If so, I'll stop replying so that you have it.

                          4. Chavez Market, and Mi Pueblo for starters. They're all over the Bay Area.

                            1. In the mission district, every latino market on Mission Street between 16th and 21st will have Goya products. not sure about Caribbean, but your best bet might be Evergreen, on Mission between 21st and 22nd.

                              1. I've been a fan of Goya products, probably because I grew up on them, and have lived on both coasts as well as travelled extensively through the country for business. Although there are larger supermarkets that carry Goya, they only carry a small selection. The same is true of the latin markets like Chavez, that carry very few Goya products (a smaller selection than Safeway and other conventional supermarkets). Even Shoprite carries more Goya than Chavez does but Shoprite has disappeared from the West Coast so now I can't find my favorite Goya products. Even Goya's online store only carries a limited selection of products. Try finding Galletas De Soda or "Goya - Unico Extra Virgin Oil: Special Edition" and I bet yo won't find them.

                                1. Has anyone found Goya sodas in the vicinity of SF? Specifically, the ginger beer, which I have heard is good and extremely spicy, the way I like it. I don't think I've seen the sodas at Safeway, just stuff like canned foods.

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                                    I've searched but have not found a place yet. I keep asking various shops to carry it, so if any do then I'll post it here. I finally gave up, purchased fresh ginger, peeled it and ran it through the juicer then putting a spoonful into a glass of sparking water I made with my SodaStream (with one micro spoon of Stevia for sweetness), but I still want Goya for their Malta, crackers and other products.