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Jun 3, 2007 09:30 PM

Prime rib specials

I have noticed that many pubs/restos offer a prime rib special on Sundays. Doesn't need to be that night, but where and when do you go when you want a slab of rare to medium rare meat, some decent potatoes, yorkshire pudding and veggies, at a half-decent price (under $20.00 pre tax & tip for the prime rib course, per person)?

Haven't tried the Mill Street Brew Pub Sunday prime rib special, and right now the place is so crowded that I don't dare venture there. Murphy's Law pub claimed that they were sold out of the special (which is only available after 5 on Sundays) at 6:30 tonight, but I think their kitchen was actually preoccupied with the private party upstairs. I did try Feathers pub a couple of years ago but was underwhelmed. The Keg is great, but I'm looking for something a little cheaper.

Any other ideas?

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  1. The House on Parliament (Parliament south of Carlton) does a prime rib ($13.95?) which is quite good, and if you still have room, includes bread pudding for dessert. The HoP also has (considering that it's a pub) a decent selection of reds to go with the beef (try the Hartenberg cab/shiraz). Be warned: the place gets very busy quickly, so best to get there ca. 6:00pm, or be prepared to wait for a table (worth it).

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      The HoP's prime rib is a really good deal - the meat is great quality, always done perfectly, the gravy superb, and the vegetables fresh and varied (including squash blossoms some nights, or broccolini, or beets - and you can often ask for extra). I'll keep going there occasionally for that alone.

      Is there a better thread for me to post my overall impressions of the HoP outside the prime-rib discussion?

      1. re: beanbiscuit

        Start your own thread on the HoP, beanbiscuit - don't be shy. Normally, I'd discourage you because I'd like to keep the HoP for myself, but that place can't get any busier, at least during the dinner rush. Lordy, I love that place. The food there is unbelievable for a pub.

        1. re: hungry_pangolin

          I love it too but I have to say it's been very disappointing lately.

          Thanks, I'll start a new thread!

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        We are non-drinkers (alcohol). For pubs like HoP's, is it ok to order the food, but not a drink. I normally like just tap water with my meals....

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          It is OK to order something non-alcoholic, but having known people in the industry, ordering tap water will not endear yourself to them, especially if they are busy. And before I get grief from everyone about how that shows that they aren't dedicated to service, etc., let me point out that the customer doesn't pay for tap water, and therefore generally doesn't tip for tap water. When I had to go on the wagon a few years ago (extended illness), I made a point, when I was in such places, of tipping a little more generously to make up for the short fall (when the service warranted it!).

          1. re: T Long

            It is fine to order tap water if that is all that you want to drink. You should never feel obligated to order something that you don't want. While the server may not be pleased because your bill won't be as high, who cares. The guy who has a pop and burger may not spend as much as the person who orders the prime rib and water but the server may do the same about of work for both groups.

            1. re: camp1980

              thx Pangolin & Camp for great replies/views. I asked the original question because I normally think of Pubs as drinking establishments... avoiding them in the past for that reason. There are other highly rated places called the Beer Bistro and Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar....I kind of look at them in the same way...but would still like to try the food. I don't mind ordering an non-alcoholic drink such as a ginger ale to sort of keep the staff sort of happy and to keep visions of the movie "Waiting" out of my head. Still a ginger ale is "usually" cheaper than beer and expecially wine...would I not just be kidding myself...

              1. re: T Long

                You're not kidding yourself. I think that a ginger ale in a pub runs about $3 or so, a pint of beer $5-8. The nice thing about the smoking ban in pubs is that there are more families (with kids) in, which makes places like the HoP more truly a pub, and not just a bar to go to and get bladdered.

        2. The Foggy Dew on King West has this:

          Sunday 5 p.m.
          Traditional Sunday Prime Rib Roast
          Traditional slow roasted Prime Rib, champ, Yorkshire pudding, beef gravy, seasonal vegetables and horseradish
          available at 5 p.m.

          They're always busy but I've never tried it.

          1. Sometimes Le Bifteque has specials and they are decent too.

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            1. re: itryalot

              Thanks, everyone. Next time the craving strikes, I'm going to give these a try.

            2. The House on Parliament has, or had the last time I was there, a good prime rib spe cail ob sundays. The Artful Dodger on Isabella does one too for around $20.00 all in.