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Jun 3, 2007 08:17 PM

looking for restaurant with unusual food combinations

Moved from SF to the Chicago suburbs about a year ago and am still looking for good food suggestions. Have a friend from SF coming to visit tomorrow night and am looking for a good place to eat in Chicago (friend is staying by Millennium Park). I enjoy fusion food and unique pairing of different foods in the dishes. Any suggestions...

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  1. Sushi Samba Rio springs to mind. It has a couple locations outside Chicago, but nothing on the West coast. Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian fusion. Very trendy, but then you're not likely to find a lot of mom-and-pop fusion joints. The atmosphere is not my thing, especially, but I've enjoyed eating there nonetheless.

    1. You might want to give Kaze a try. Its a small but hip restaurant in Roscoe Village, which is easy to get to from the suburbs and from downtown. And if your friend is true San Franciscan, he/she may appreciate a gem of a restaurant in a laid back neighborhood rather than the hubbub of the downtown scene. Kaze would be considered a Japanese restaurant, but the chef is highly creative and uses unusual combination of ingredients such as strawberries and kiwis even in "main course" dishes, and uses preparations such as whitefish in parsley butter that is not typical Japanese. There is also a bison dish that I haven't tried yet but am planning to, because I trust the chef and never had a bad meal there. They have a website too, if you need more info.

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        man, Kaze Sushi is good. I had some kind of sweet potato soup and it was fantastic. It says it has foie gras in it...I wonder if it still does.

      2. Closer to MP (a mile or two down on Wabash Avenue) is cuatro. Not so much fusion as a combination of Latin American cuisines in a hip-enough environment. Here's the website:

        1. I've not eaten there but been intrigued by and intending to try Le Lan, which is Vietnamese/ French fusion. It has gotten some very strong reviews (use search function).

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            If you're throwing in Vietnamese/French fusion - Le Colonial is a great place too.

            Though I thought of Opera in the South Loop with their Asian fusion right off. They are most definitely in my top 3 favorite Asian restaurants in the city.

          2. Vermillion (Hubbard and State) has very good Indian/Latin fusion. The service is sometimes slow, but the food is very good. They also have some really interesting and unique desserts - including an avacado mousse with chocolate ganache and spiced cashews that was very good.