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Jun 3, 2007 07:31 PM

Newer faces at Provence (Carrboro)

We hadn't been there in quite a while (maybe over a year), and when we went recently, a different man greeted us. It used to be a young (to me) man with smooth dark hair, and this man was older, with curly graying hair. He later came over to talk to us about wine, and his enthusiasm for both the wine and the food was marvelous.

Also, there used to be a young red-headed woman who would sometimes deliver food to the tables, with a Tinkerbell-like way of flitting about and swooping down to the tables with the plates. I don't know if she was married to the dark-haired man who used to be there, but she wasn't there this last time either.

Does anyone know who the new man is and why the other one left?

One reason we hadn't been in a while was that the menu seemed to be about the same every time (sorry, I like to see new offerings). We had their signature fish-for-two baked in rock salt--red snapper this time. Despite the description of the fish as tasting very rich from this preparation, it actually seemed a bit dry to me--more so than when I've had it in the past. Our waitress was one we hadn't seen before (another one, who's very good, was there but was not our server), and she really wasn't up to the standards of the restaurant. Luckily, another woman (Chef Roux's wife?) was observing her and took over before our waitress massacred the tableside fish carving. Chef Roux did not stop by our table as he had in the past, but I saw him go down the hallway several times, and he looked more gaunt and not as jolly as I'd remembered. I hope his health is okay.

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  1. We went to Provence last night. Menu was definitely the same (and I agree, a little change up now and then would be nice), but the maitre d' (sp?) was different. I asked where the other guy was (always liked him a lot). Turns out he is now working at a place called Heron in Cary. The chef is still the same, although he wasn't there last night. There were a lot of new faces on the floor. Everything was pretty much the way it has always been foodwise.

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      I think Herons is the restaurant in the new Umstead Hotel and Spa. I've never been there, though.

    2. I always thought the younger maitre'd was the owner's son...but could have been mistaken. Did the younger man have French accent? Yes, I remember the young girl, with the sweet voice and the tinkerbell nature! I was listening to WXYC one day and thought I recognized the voice. I asked another friend who works at the station and she confirmed that one of the DJs worked at Provence. I'm with all of you...the menu should change just a little bit. That's one of the reasons we've not been back recently. I also heard that it was closing..but that was about 5 months ago, so maybe the info was wrong.