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Jun 3, 2007 07:01 PM

Aguila y Sol, Azul y Oro, Alkimia

I'll be spending a weekend in Mexico City and I would like to try some of the Nueva Cocina Mexicana. But I'll be traveling with two children and I'm worried that the restaurants could be too uptight. My sons are used to eating out and they know how to behave at restaurants, but I'm still concerned, specially after reading about the "trendiness" of Aguila y Sol, which is at the top of my list.

So far these are my options:

Aguila y Sol - I've been reading wounderful things about this place and I've read Marta Chapa's books. What's a typical tab for a party of four, not including alcoholic drinks? Is there a tasting menu? Is it child friendly?

Azul y Oro - I'm a big supporter of Pumas, the university soccer team, so I'll be there.

Alkimia - I heard this is related the famed Centro Culinario, so I want to check it out just out of curiosity and if I ever quit my day job and follow my dream of cooking school, I'll know where to go.


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  1. Jorge, I ate at Alkimia in November 2005 and the meal (comida) was fabulous. To be sure not quite everything worked, but far more was creative, inventive than not and some even spectacular. Some of the standouts were a smoked swordfish ceviche, tuna tartare, foie gras soup, venison, chocolate mousse with mini churros. The breads were uniformly excellent and passed by men being trained as waiters. Apps and entrees were pretty strong, sopa seca course was good, desserts were well executed and tasty but after the sheer creativeness of the meal were understated by comparison. Here's a post I did about Alkimia last Fall.

    You are correct, Alkimia is part of Centro Culinario as well as part of Ambrosia catering. It is located in a pretty sleek and modern office building in the Pedregal. I had the opportunity to tour the kitchens and they were impressive. I should note that I've also had the opportunity to tour and work in the kitchen at the CIA/Greystone and Alkimia's kitchens are comparable. I spoke with the exec. chef at that time (and he may still be, I don't know) and he said it was possible to do stages there rather than the entire 2 year course. I have their prospectus for potential students. You can find it on line, but the web site isn't always the easiest to find.

    The room is casual chic without being too trendy and certainly not stuffy. I'd say that if your sons are well behaved and about 10 years or older it shouldn't be a problem, especially if you go midday for comida. They weren't that busy when we were there. Service is by waiters in training and they do a nice job.

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      Thanks. I already called Azul y Oro. I'm definately going. Need to call Alkimia to check if they're open saturday and sunday. My father keeps insisting I should go to Aguila y Sol, he's been there a few times and loved it.

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        I agree with your father. Aguila y Sol is definitely popular but not "trendy" in the usual sense. It is absolutely unbelievable. We are still in awe of the meal ($130 for 2, with alcohol) we had in March.