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Jun 3, 2007 06:04 PM

MSP - Where can I get a roasted pig?

MSP Chowhounds - this isn't exactly a restaurant topic but I'd like to get any thoughts from you on places that will deliver a small roasted pig (maybe for 50 people?). I checked on line and there are several catering companies but most of them seem to over up roasted pig as part of a meal - with buns, side dishes and also include set up for a party.

I'd just like to arrange to pick up a roasted pig somewhere if such a place exists.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions on places that might offer this option.

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  1. Chino Latino in Uptown does a whole pig roast dinner for a lot of people in house that you have to book in advance. If you give them a call, they might deliver the meal or let you order just the pig.

    1. Aesop's Table does some great BBQ (The Porker is the best pulled pork sandwich I've had in the twin cities) at reasonable prices. They will do a pig roast on a BBQ trailer at your location. If you just want the pig, I don't think they'd have a problem with that - but you'd have to ask. Check out their website and click on BBQ:

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        I happened to be at Aesop's Table the other day, and saw a little note on their register about ordering pigs with the phone number for Forster's. Aesop's probably uses them to get their pigs.

        But, looking at Forster's website, they also do their own roast pigs:

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        1. Most catering companies are pretty flexible. If you explain what you're looking for they'll likely work with you.

          Try Divine Swine Catering.

          1. chuckwagon catering will roast a whole pig right on your site (best i've tastedd). 763-473-7041,