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Jun 3, 2007 06:02 PM

Pieros Wine Tasting Dinner

Anybody know anything about a wine tasting dinner at Pieros on RT 36? I just saw a sign outside the restaurant today

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  1. How is the food there? I have never tried, just always drove by.

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    1. re: Angelina

      Me either......I am looking to see if it's worth a try.

      1. re: Jen_in_NJ

        We've eaten there twice over the last 6 yeras or so and each time the food was great. I allways forget about them unless I'm driving north and see it. The first time we went was during the week and we were seated pretty quick. The second time was a Saturday and we waited quite a while. Worth the wait though.

    2. Been there many x's. First time a chiropractor hosted a party there to drum up biz and we went to checking it out "safely" but we were pleasantly surprised. We've gone to the wine tastings three times and loved the food more than the wine selections. A few decent wines but nothing "new" to add to our cellar. They have upgraded the dining room a few times over the years. I would recommend giving Piero's a try.

      1. I've never been to Piero's. As usual, Google to the rescue. Here's Piero's website, which includes details about this dinner.

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          Thanks!! It looks interesting....