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Jun 3, 2007 05:58 PM

best places for big groups in pdx?

i have some family flying in on the weekend of june 15th. 13 people, all women. any suggestions as to great places that seat large groups? veg friendly a plus! (seafood will work too).


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  1. Lots of places in town can comfortably seat 13. Tabla has a big group table, Wildwood has a private room, as does Bluehour, Carlyle has a private room and a "kitchen table", Bay 13 has the room and a focus on seafood although I havent actually eaten there. I'm not vegetarian, but I would imagine any of these could rise to the occasion.

    1. Go for Wildwood first, but their private room may be sold out. Alba might be able to accomodate - (best N. Italian in town bar none). Pazzo has a wine cellar room which may be fun...