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What's the deal with Toast?

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I happened to drive by this restaurant that was mobbed at around noon thirty today (Sunday); there must have been at least 35 people massed all around the place. Was there a special event going on or is this a really good place for a late Sunday breakfast?

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  1. Thats how Toast is on weekends for brunch. It's good but nothing spectacular and not quite worth the money. It is a good place for groups though.

    1. It is a game of follow the leader!
      Same thing occurs at Jinky's here in Sherman Oaks, and for similar justification - none!

      1. Brunch in the Mid-City is serious work. There's a lot of people who live nearby, all wanting brunch, but few quality options. In my opinion, if you took away the crowd, Toast would be just fine, but add in the crowd and I'd rather wait at Doughboys or BLD.

        1. Doughboy's down the street was closed. Toast is usually crazy busy, but I'd imagine that they received some patrons that were originally headed to Doughboys only to find it closed.

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            Absolutely - was headed to Doughboys on Saturday and was very dismayed to find it closed. Ended up at the Little Next Door which was tasty, but portions were tiny and pricey, and service was very lacking.

            Toast is not the best food, but fresh and always a crowd. They've got a killer red velvet cupcake though.

          2. I was underwhelmed by Toast. Totally agree with Emilymm...passable but not worth a special trip and not worth waiting in line for.

            1. I love Toast. I think the food is great, simple, fresh, and inexpensive. That said, I will only go there on a weekday or on a weekend early morning. I never go out for brunch in LA because of the ridiculous lines. Even places that are not so good have lines!

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                If I remember correctly---doesn't it close ridiculously early?

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                  Used to close before dinner, but now I think they are open late...

              2. I drove by around 2:30 yesterday and it looked like a mobhouse then too. Personally, I'd never wait that long for food :)

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                  I know...that's exactly what I was thinking. Especially breakfast.

                2. Toast has been mobbed for a couple of years now by the Valet-my-Hummer, Big Sunglasses, Cocktail-Dress-for-Brunch crowd. It's a shame too, because when Toast first opened, it seemed that it could be a relaxed local eatery.

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                    I have noticed the “Valet-my-Hummer...” mob at Toast on weekday mornings as well. Most often someone walks into the street to snap a photo of their group posing within the mob and I almost run them down because I am looking at the size of the mob while I decide to go to Doughboy’s for good food and service. Pinkberry on Beverly has a line of Boutique mannequins out the door but this weekend I noticed no line at pinkberry in Temecula.. Pinks Hotdogs, just around the corner from Pinkberry, has a line of – tourist. Maybe mobs and lines are a Hollywood / Westside ambiance thing (The happening or, a scene).

                    Doughboy’s (Try the Chunky peanut butter, chocolate and banana sandwich dipped in egg batter and griddled and served with raspberry dipping sauce = OMG Breakfast , take home the Hummingbird cupcake. ALSO, Can someone tell me whether that cool art on the wall inside is a long loaf of bread going incognito as a cigar, or am I a lost case seeing food in everything?)
                    8136 W Third St
                    Los Angeles, CA
                    (323) 651-4202

                    Toast Bakery Café (To Be Somebody, or not To Be Somebody, ???
                    )8221 W Third St (Harper Avenue)
                    Los Angeles, CA
                    (323) 655-5018

                    Pinkberry (What? Unknown for sure. Either get in line or follow me to Dairy Queen)

                    Pinks Hot Dogs (Try the Three Dog Night – very good, otherwise follow me to Carneys

                  2. Toast has decent, consistent food, but really, it's a "scene" for the LA crowd. I prefer Quality up the street...

                    1. Im surprised no one has mentioned Quality when talking about better brunch options in the neighborhood.
                      Its on 3rd between Crescent Heights and Edinburgh.
                      I recommend it!

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                      1. re: emilymm

                        I would pick Quality over Toast any day. Quality not only makes a great brunch with a nice staff(!), but they have huge, satisfying salads, an excellent tuna melt, and many other options that are quite good. Not only is the food only OK at Toast, how could anyone justify waiting over an hour for average food and a not-so-nice crowd....

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                          Quality is pretty great. i'd not even bother with Toast when Quality is down the street. I've had the french toast at Toast (i can do it better) and the cupcakes (driest i've ever had) and i find it pretty shocking that there is always a crowd. little next door or Quality or the closed doughboys would make me 10x more happy than a meal at Toast.

                      2. I have NO idea why Toast is so popular. Flavorless food and rushed service just don't do it for me. To top that, it's not inexpensive, to contradict LisaStich - it's just as much as all the other GOOD places on Third.

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                          Agree completely, for a good lunch TOAST is toast to me! For half the price, and twice the quality, I love Pain Quotidien on Melrose off La Cienega. Their breads are terrific, and the smoked salmon is the best!

                        2. I think Toast is packed every day of the week...LOVE their balsamic dressing.

                          1. I agree the wait is ridiculous during weekend brunch hours, but I just stay away from those times. The food is fresh and reasonably priced. It is one of the few places in town where the service is consistently good. The staff is nice and friendly and I'm quite amazed at how fast the food comes out.

                            So all you Toast haters...stay away from brunch time and give them another chance.