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Jun 3, 2007 05:10 PM

Arlington Butcher

Everytime I watch a Food Network show on grilling, the host drops a couple of extra-thick steaks on the BBQ. I'd like to do the same. Any recommendations on stores/butchers that can go beyond the thin cut steak or pork chop?

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  1. El Chapparal on Wilson Blvd in Clarendon (near Whole Foods) (ask for Brazilian style Picanha) - or - perhaps that organic butcher up in McLean, on Old Dominion (haven't tried it 'cuz the prices are a little upscale for me).

    Note: spellings approximate

    1. Try the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church -- this place is right off Washington Street/Lee Hwy/Rt. 29 just south of Rt. 7/Broad Street. It is a great butcher with all kinds of meats and it also has a restaurant right next door with great Lebanese food. They will cut your steaks however you want them, and while they are doing that go next door and grab a meal or carryout.

      If you do a google on Lebanese Butcher you can get the exact address.

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        Yea, just try not to do what I did one time, which was ask him for pork chops (rather than lamb chops, which was what I wanted). He was understanding about it and laughed when we did, but it still was pretty embarrassing.

      2. I dont know if you are trying to avoid the whole chain-butcher situation but Harris Teeter will do a thick cut if you ask, Whole Foods butcher (right accross the street from El Chapparal) will do the same plus if you are looking to splurge there dry-aged ribeye is delicious. I am a huge fan of El Chapparal the meat and produce is cheap but I fear you get what you pay for.