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Jun 3, 2007 05:10 PM

South OC for 5 - Coastal or Irvine ajacent & protein

I've been tasked with finding a restaurant on an expense account budget where co-workers & husbands will either celebrate or commiserate tomorrow night. Boss suggested protein. I'd like great food + atmosphere, not just a steak place. Last time this team was together we went to Maestros in Costa Mesa. The time before that, 6 Park Grille (they're staying at the Irvine Hyatt). They are all uber-foodies, but not snobs.

I'm thinking:

Savory's (or is it K'ya now?) because of the bar at the top of the hotel
The Bungalow in CDM
21 Oceanfront
Mastro's Ocean Club

Boss mentioned Agora Churrascaria because they get points on their dining club and it's protein. I'm not opposed but I have no desire to eat massive quantities of sub-par protein just for points. I'm not saying this is what Agora Churrascaria is, I don't know anything about it other than the concept of the restaurant.

I'm not looking for a reliable chain concept that we can have anywhere. Just good OC dining with a nice wine list, stiff drinks, a table for 5 in a somewhat intiminate setting, and a good protein supply on short notice. I'm thinking a Monday night reservation shouldn't be too hard to come by.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Ask for the large booth at Bungalow - fits all of your req's.

    It's K'ya now - better to have drinks, then go elsewhere, as food is more small plates concept (it's good, but doesn't sound what you're looking for)
    Mastro's Ocean Club would also be a good choise - esp. due to the expense account.
    I love 21 Oceanfront, but it's definitely more old school.
    I also really love Mozambique, but not quite sure if it fits the bill.

    1. I love Agora. It's definitely a protein-fest. Careful though, I usually get a meat/sodium headache after feasting.

      Here are a few pics of the food and the place:

      1. I like the Bungelow and it has the added advantage of not being obnoxiously pretentious like Mastros (if I hear another middle aged person ostentatiously name-drop Mastro's I'm going to retch). The Bungelow is also much quieter.