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Jun 3, 2007 04:31 PM

How's Market NoHo - smokin' deal on Nathan's dogs

Hi, I know many of you can appreciate a good old hot dog. Just went to the new How's Market in North Hollywood, and found Nathan's hot dogs on sale (in the Kosher section) for $2.99...but there's a $1 off coupon on the package. Since How's doubles all coupons, you can get a pack o' dogs for a mere 99 cents! I grew up on the east coast eating Nathan's hot dogs, so I'm stocking up for my trashy summer BBQs...

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  1. Are those the Nathan Coney Island style dogs with the natural casing or the skinless variety?

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      We just did a natural casing hot-dog tasting when I was in the midwest a few weeks ago. I think I found 7 different varieties on the roads between Chicago and north-west Wisconsin! Nathan's was one of the top ones! Along with Best Kosher, Vienna Beef and one brand from Wisconsin that starts with a U.

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            Next time, try their bratwursts -- killer!

    2. Have you tried the European Sausage Company on Saticoy in North Hollywood? It's in an industrial park just off of Coldwater. Run by either Polish or Lithuanian immigrants. They make fantastic hot dogs, natural casing style, and slightly bigger knackwurst. Their kielbasa is out of this world, as well as any of their four different types of bacon. I keep trying to get them to set up a booth at the Studio City Farmers' Market, but I can't seem to get it across to them. Definitely worth a visit. Hot dogs are about 4.50/lb. so it doesn't match your Nathan's price, but they are local artisans.

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        Wow, I'm definitely going to check out that place - I've never heard of it. I'm happy to pay a bit more for good quality, locally made items! I'll go in and mention the farmer's market, too - perhaps if they get enough requests they'll set up a booth.