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Jun 3, 2007 04:14 PM

Lunch in San Fernando?

I work in San Fernando and am looking for a new place to try out for lunch. What places do you Love?

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  1. Try the Los Angeles Board
    I like Gourmet Tamales.

    1. Brent's is great at Corbin and Parthenia.

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        whichis no where close enough to San Fernando to visit during a lunch break.

      2. I used to like El Abuelo Restaurant for home cooked style mexican chow in a sit down nice place at a very low price. I have only been once since the family that owned it sold it. I hope it is still good.

        There is also El Gallo Giro for a pretty quick lunch.

        El Abuelo Restaurant
        452 N Maclay Ave.
        San Fernando, CA
        Tel: (818) 365-8283