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Jun 3, 2007 03:44 PM

your idea of the best downtown la restaurant, traxx, noe, watergrill, ciudad or something else?


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  1. My idea would be Patina on a good night. The problem is how do you know if it's a good night?

    1. I think the Water Grill ( ) is the best and most consistently good restaurant downtown. (Of course, it's not a good choice if you don't like seafood.)

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      1. re: David Kahn

        I second Water Grill--way above Traxx & Ciudad, haven't been to Noe.

      2. 1. Water Grill - consistently tops in service, the quality of the food and its preparation
        2. Patina - often more interesting offerings, but occasionaly it can miss the mark
        3. Arnie Mortons - If you like steak, what's not to like

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        1. re: scrappydog

          thanks it is looking like watergrill which i have also heard great things about...thanks!!

          1. re: mmmclapclap

            Water Grill is great.

            I went to Cicada this weekend and it was pretty good. Also worth a visit. Atmosphere is fantastic as always, and the standouts are the appetizers (Muscovy Duck...yum!). Desserts are pretty good. Pastas...ok. The Filet Mignon and Dover Sole are the flagship entrees. Quite tasty. Sumner Redstone was eating next to us. I overheard his one comment to the Maitre'D: "Excellent Service." Heh.

            Lastly, since I'm a sushi addict, I must say Hamakawa in Little Tokyo. Fantastic sushi. My go-to place. Exceptional quality. Good price.