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Jun 3, 2007 03:16 PM

Outdoor Romantic Lunch Spot

Hey everyone,

So, Im usually really good at this sort of thing, but I am hoping that all of you who have been living here a lot longer than me will be able to give me some new ideas. I'm just looking for a great outdoor lunch spot that is quaint, romantic and has great people watching...and definitely outside of the touristy areas. Okay, maybe that's a tall order...but if you have any ideas...cuisine and locale are both open... Thanks!!

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  1. August--not exactly outdoor, but they have a greenhouse in back with a few open panels

    1. August is nice and good food but the "concrete garden" is so loud... although perhaps less so during the day? it totally killed the mood on a dinner date - so many hard surfaces, it was hard to hear each other - and i don't know about the people watching. for people watching and romantic space (and good food!), i think Gusto on Greenwich Ave. and Cercle Rouge in Tribeca are really good. i also like Mermaid Inn -the garden in the back, not the front space - but they're only open for dinner. Pure Food near Union Square has one of the best gardens in town (if you are interested in exploring high-end vegan food) and I love Franny's in Brooklyn - not sure they do lunch. definitely worth the trip though.

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        Pure Food & Wine is not open for lunch. I agree that the garden is gorgeous, but as far as the food goes, in my view, the only thing worth ordering there is the seriously delicious lasagna.

        Gascogne, on 8th Av., b/t 17th & 18th Sts., has a truly charming, romantic garden and very good French cuisine.

      2. I actually just had a very nice Saturday lunch/brunch at Morandi, Keith McNally's new place. It's across the street from a tiny park and there's enough foot traffic to keep you occupied. It's well shaded, the tables are evenly spaced out. And there's no barrier between you and sidewalk, so it actually feels like you're eating on the sidewalk.

        211 Waverly Pl., New York, NY 10014
        at Charles St.

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          a.o.c. off the christopher st stop in the west village at the corner of bleecker and grove. a lovely back garden, much less "concrete" style than august and a menu to match. often enjoy for brunch on the weekends, i think it sounds like it might fit your bill....

        2. Gascogne on 18th, though I am not entirely sure they serve lunch. lovely french in a lovely garden.

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            Note that in my post above, I mentioned Gascogne, which is on 8th Av., near 18th St. And, yes, they do serve lunch weekdays + brunch on Sat. & Sun.


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              Sorry, I missed that. But it is good enough to bear repeating.

          2. Thank you so much everyone!! I'll definitely be looking into some of these...