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Jun 3, 2007 02:59 PM

How is Porterhouse New York?

This is one of the newer steakhouses in the city by Michael Lomonaco. I have seen him on Emeril Live and some other shows and he seems to know what he is doing. I checked out the website and the menu and place look great. Wondering how the food measures up though. I am planning a birthday for myself in a few months and want to try a new steakhouse. Have been to Luger's (myfave), Del Frisco's, and Ruth Chris. I like the fact that Porterhouse has some non-steak options (pork chops, chicken) for my mother and sister since they aren't crazy for steak. The sides also look different from your usual steakhouse variety with options like four cheese&mac, polenta and porcini mushrooms, ginger roasted carrots. The desserts look interesting as well----Devil's food chocolate cake, apple brown betty, mud pie sundae. I have not seen any reviews so please I need your insight people lol! Is this a worth New York steakhouse or would I be better suited at some of the better known ones that have been around and have a reputation?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We haven't been, but the reports I've read on this board and on other food forums have been mixed. Here's a link to a thread:

      Btw, the name is spelled as two words -- Porter House

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        Yeah I realized that after i typed it o well

    2. Steakrules, how did you like Del Frisco's? We may be meeting up with one of my wife's clients from upstate NY there in a few weeks.

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        Del Frisco's was really good. Great bread basket. I liked it a whole lot-- I went for lunch and had the ribeye, macaroni and cheese, and creamed spinach. All were delicious--some of the cheesiest mac I ever had and the spinach had bacon in it. I ordered my steak between rare and medium rare since I like my steaks more on the rare side of MR. However, the waitress said they don't do that and that MR would be fine. They wound up cooking it a little more than my liking but all in all it was delicious-one of the better steaks I had. The only caution I have for you is they season the steaks very liberally so if you do not like tons of spices on your steak tell them to go light. I have also seen their desserts, but havent tried. They are enormous and the rumors are that the lemon and chocolate cakes are unbelievable. Hope I helped yaa

      2. Porter House is pretty good. Would I go there again? Ummm, not so quickly. As a Luger's devotee like yourself, the porterhouse was not quite up to the Lugers level. It was still pretty good though. The sides as well --all pretty good.

        I am of the opinion that its easy to get a very good steak in the city --you'll just pay $40 for it at countless different places. I remember the bill at Porter House being a bit higher (not sure where they got you, but some where they did). Im just not sure if it was up to the level of BLT Prime or Quality Meats (which I happen to love).

        The best thing it has going for it is the space. Its quite impressive and does not have the typical steakhouse feel, which is an attraction for some. Also, the bar is quite spacious and is quite inviting --nice place to have a drink.

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          The chili rubbed ribeye was the best steak I had all year. The sides are very good. It's the perfect choice for your birthday dinner.

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            I just thought I would chime in and say I LOVE Quality Meats as well. My boyfriend's mother took us there when we were on vacation and we had a spectacular meal. I think its very stylized (in a good way) and their table-side home made steak sauce was delicious---even though the steaks we had barely needed any sauce at all...a true sign of a quality cut.

            I don't hear much chat about Quality Meats on this board but I would recommend it to anyone. Excellent service, nice setting, and fun and delicious food! Pricey---of course but not sure if it was the same ats BLT.