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Jun 3, 2007 02:47 PM

Teenagers take on MidTown!

The scenario: School Trip, 15-year-olds, first time in the city, can choose a few optional breakfasts, lunches and dinners during a week's stay. Will be staying near 7th & 52nd. They've gotten plenty of Italian recs from this board, but we're wondering if there is any place catering more to their teenaged sense of fun dining? Most are on a budget, so they'll be looking for everything from burgers to pizza to all that other stuff that 15-year-olds like to eat. Chinese, Thai, other ethnic is good too.

Any suggestions for B/L/D are welcome, walking distance is preferable!

-OC Hound

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  1. Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien hotel on W. 57 would be ideal--assuming your group is not too large and you're willing to go on early or late side of standard meal times. Excellent burgers, fries a nd --at off hours--shakes at very low prices in fun surroundings--a small denlike space with booths off lobby of a swank midtown hotel.

    Wu Liang Ye is very good Chinese in Rock Center area--W 48th Street, between 5th and 6th.

    Sukhadia on W. 45th has chaat (Indian 'snack' food--but quite satisfying) as well as a very reasonable buffet.

    And that's just in midtown.

    Farther afield, you would also do real well in Chinatown (so a separate search on this board) or Shake Shack for burgers in Madison Square Park.

    1. Ollie's Noodle House might be an option. Fun for 15 year olds (unless they are really into gourmet food) and good for a 15 year old's budget. They also accomodate larger parties and may have private rooms/area. I believe there is one in Times Square area . I prefer the Upper East Side location (more upscale decor) and private room available. We held a scholarship reunion dinner there.

      There is a Pongrsi Thai in Midtown/West Side (walking distance). The decor in the Midtown location is nicer than the one in Chinatown. They may have lunch specials (thinking 15 year old budget). That said, Chinatown could be fun if your schedule permits. I usually go to the one in Chinatown. Food is pretty good, a little Westernized.

      1. teens take on manhattan all the time. manhattan always wins.

        some modest thoughts:

        bus/subway to harlem on a sunday. it's pretty easy. call ahead to ruthie's/whatever so they know your coming. sunday services at an uptown church of your choice will blow them away. be sure to dress appropriately. the hell out of espn, ruby foo's, whatever. cheaper, too. i think they'll remember this down the road.


        --steve h.

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          This really helps- I like the field trip to Harlem, love to see/eat what locals do and getting away from tourist spots is always more memorable. Thanks to all for the great recs! i'll be sure to return the favor should you get out here to the OC...