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Jun 3, 2007 02:44 PM

Looking for vegetarian options in & around boston

im new to the vegetarian world. any suggestions as to where i should go??
any great restaurants offering options worth checking out?

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  1. I'm a vegetarian (leaning towards vegan) and have no trouble eating at most places. You can't go wrong with Asian, Italian and Indian restaurants.

    In my home town of Jamaica Plain there are several places offering veggie options: Cafe D, Zon's and JP Seafood to name a few. My favorite though is Centre Street Cafe (try the seasame peanut noodles). Haven't tried the vegetarian tasting menu at Ten Tables, but it's on my list for a special night out.

    Don't be afraid to ask for a non-meat dish if it's not listed on the menu. Most places around Boston will accomodate you. Good luck and happy eating!

    1. Places I've tried:

      Oleana - 5 course veggie tasting menu - amazing food, amazing value. A favorite among vegetarians in Boston.

      Radius - pricier, but outstanding 4-course veggie tasting menu. Unlike Oleana, the chef will tailor the courses to your food preferences, but you pay extra for the privilege.

      Happy Buddha - vegetarian Chinese in Chinatown. I ate at the buffet. Was good, but didn't blow me away. I'd like to try ordering from the menu.

      Mei Sum - they have a bahn mi with tofu that I love (thanks Galleygirl!) For a mere $2.25, it's the best veggie lunch value in the city IMHO.

      Bukowski's - Inman Square, they have a few veggie dishes, including veggie chili dogs. I wasn't blown away, but if you're craving veggie dogs, this might be one of the better places to get them.

      Masao's Kitchen, Waltham. Macrobiotic vegan. I live a few blocks from this place, but I'm ashamed to say I've only gotten a takeout sandwich once, which was good.

      Places I want to try:

      Grasshopper, Allston. All vegan Asian restaurant.
      TJ Scallywags, Allston. All vegan comfort food.
      Buddhist temple, Mass Ave b/w Central and Harvard. Veggie dim sum.

      I usually end up eating at omni places, and in Boston every place has a veggie option.

      Good luck! Boston is a great place to be a vegetarian!

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        Some very good options here--I loved the Oleana tasting menu, but Radius didn't impress me as much.

        Grasshopper is OK, but not amazing. Still, I end up going once a year and getting the "nest" thing, which I like.

        Also in Allston, Deep Ellum had a very good seitan sandwich recently, and veggie burgers seem pretty ubiquitous around Boston. East Coast Grill does a fab veg plate, and Rami's felafel is also terrific.

        I still miss Cena in the Symphony area. They had fabulous veg options....

      2. Great recommendations so far. I'd second the vegetarian tasting menus at Ten Tables and at Oleana.

        Veggie Planet in Harvard is also great for pizzas, salads, and good salsa & pita.

        I don't really like Grasshopper in Allston all that much, but I'm not a big fake-meats person and that's really where they shine. Buddha's delight in Chinatown is much better if you're going to go that route.

        The veggie sandwiches at Blue Shirt in Davis Square are also really great, as are the sandwiches at Diesel. I think both these places also have wraps, but I fear the uncooked tortilla.

        Just to reiterate - almost all menus in Boston have great vegetarian options. Many chefs will also work with you to make you something you like - Chef Joho at Brasserie Jo comes to mind.

        1. Im a big fan of the general OMs tofu at OM. I just went to a vegan wine dinner there last week wich was really tasty. They do a vegan & vegetarian prix fix night twice a month, but I dont know exact dates. You will have to call the restaurant for details.

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            Addis Red Sea Ethiopian has locations in Boston and Porter Square, (haven't tried the Porter location yet) and has good veggie offerings.

            Cafe Barada,Lebanese, in Porter has a revolving list of veggie specials, and their mujeddara (lentils and rice) and ful mudammos (brown beans, garlic and lemon) are quite tasty. The spicing might be too bland for some in many of their dishes, but it is good, simple food. The people who run the place are very humble and sweet.