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Jun 3, 2007 02:08 PM

Where can I find Cachaca in NYC?

I'm looking for a vendor who sells Cachaca, it's the spirit used in a Caipirniha.

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  1. Most liquor stores carry it. Pitu and "51" are the most popular brands.

    1. let us know what brands you find when you look around will ya?

      i ask because i read cachaca is really undergoing a gangbusters revival in brazil. the more artisinal and obscure brands are supposedly taking off in popularity. maybe we can get some of that variety here, eh?

      to answer your question i dont really have any particular suggestion, as bb said most places carry the basic brands. astor place wines is always a good place to visit.

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          ditto the recommendation of Astor. Went there 2 weeks ago for a cachaca tasting they sponsored-- fabulous. They know their stuff. Check it out.

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