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Where can I find Cachaca in NYC?

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I'm looking for a vendor who sells Cachaca, it's the spirit used in a Caipirniha.

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  1. Most liquor stores carry it. Pitu and "51" are the most popular brands.

    1. let us know what brands you find when you look around will ya?

      i ask because i read cachaca is really undergoing a gangbusters revival in brazil. the more artisinal and obscure brands are supposedly taking off in popularity. maybe we can get some of that variety here, eh?

      to answer your question i dont really have any particular suggestion, as bb said most places carry the basic brands. astor place wines is always a good place to visit.

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          ditto the recommendation of Astor. Went there 2 weeks ago for a cachaca tasting they sponsored-- fabulous. They know their stuff. Check it out.

        2. After much cajoling and emailing, Lou Sones of the Brazen Head at 228 Atlantic Avenue
          in Brooklyn was able to get Rios Liquors of Boston to provide Beleza de Minas cachacas. There is a silver and a gold variety. The silver is good for Caipirinhas, and the gold is aged for two years in umburana wood, giving it a smoothness and distinctive flavor.

          The same distributor also carries the better known Seleta, which the Brazen Head may also carry.