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Jun 3, 2007 02:08 PM

Recipes for Two

I know about down-sizing baking recipes, but would like tips on adapting recipes for four to six servings when there are two of us. I guess I'm tired of doing the math. For example, I have 16 oz. lump crabmeat and want to make crab cakes. I am looking for suggestions for soup, etc., for the other 8 oz. I don't use for crab cakes. I'm thinking corn chowder, etc. Again, for two. Thanks.

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  1. Is that the canned crabmeat from Costco? If so, it freezes really well. Why don't you do the crab cakes, then later make crab Louies to go with a bowl of soup. Voila, another dinner.

    1. Crab cakes themselves freeze very well too. My choice would be to cook them all so that they're lightly browned and firm, then let half of them cool down on a plate in the fridge while you finish the others. I would then wrap the cold ones individually in plastic wrap and stuff these into a Ziplock, gently pressing out all the air you can, then freeze them. I would reheat them from frozen by frying them, though thawing them loosely covered in the fridge would be OK too.

      Crab enchiladas are another killer treat, by the way.

      1. If the recipe makes enough for 8, divide quantities by 4. If it makes enough for 6, divide quantities by 3. If it makes enough for 4, divide quantities by two.

        I knew that engineering degree would pay off one of these days...

        1. We cook for two all the time, and rely heavily on leftovers. Granted, there are plenty of things that don't work after a few days, but as stated above, crabcakes can be frozen if you don't want to eat them within the next couple days. I say make the entire recipe and save what you don't eat.

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            just be sure to actually freeze the stuff.... it is amazing how tempting it is to know that there are a few crab cakes in the refrigerator waiting to be put into the freezer in the morning..... On a good day they might actually still be in the fridge at breakfast time.

          2. We are also "two" and I do a couple of different things. If I'm making a dish that I know freezes well - like braised short ribs or bolognese sauce - I make the full recipe and freeze it. If the recipe is for 6, I cut it in half, and may have some leftovers for lunch the next day. I find that often dividing 6 by 3 ends up with lots of "odd" measurements that I don't feel like dealing with.