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Jun 3, 2007 02:01 PM

Korean Butcher in Toronto

Would appreciate recommendations for a top-quality Korean butcher in Toornto.

Desperately seeking really good kalbi ribs.

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  1. I don't claim expert knowledge of Korean food, but the large Korean supermarket on Bloor west of Bathurst (I believe they have other branches) had kalbi ribs for sale that looked and smelled very good.

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      I really like Pat's Oriental on Lawrence just west of Warden.
      They usually have the ribs fresh cut, and their prices are very reasonable.
      Just tried a new sushi rice, at their suggestion, Nishiki, and it is amazing.
      They even have buglogi, marinated and ready to go.
      One of my favorite places to shop.

    2. Up north here we have the Galleria, this big korean supermarket on Yonge just north of Steeles. I think we bought their ribs once awhile back, but I recall they might have been frozen.

      We also bought some ribs once from T&T that were not frozen and were very good on the BBQ (LA kalbi style). But now they also sell them frozen only.

      I have a friend who's husband is Korean and they buy from a little grocery store on Spring Garden Ave, just off Yonge (north of Sheppard). Had their ribs at a BBQ they hosted and it tasted quite good as well.

      1. There's one at Yonge/Finch area. I don't remember the name of the store, but it's south of finch (between Holmes Av. and Byng Av.) and on the east side of Yonge, right next to the Wing Machine. I was there today and they have pre-cut kalbi, bulgogi, and pork belly. Some of the kalbi are already soaked in marinates, the marbling of the beef looked amazing!

        1. I find that the beef short ribs sold at any of the Korean butchers in the GTA seem to be quite expensive usually at the $4.99/ lb (Galleria mall butcher) or higher and the kalbi marinade (sorry I can't remember the name but it was $6.99 for about a litre). I find any of the chinese supermarkets alot cheaper. My usual spot for kalbi is Long Thai at Kennedy and Lawrence East. They sell it for $2.49 lb, it is frozen but you can ask them to cut it "barbecue style" and they'll slice it at no extra cost. As well I found the exact same kalbi marinade but for only $4.79 a bottle.

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            I just bought 'bone in' short ribs at the big Korean place on Bloor for $2.99 lb. They had a few options and prices.

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              I agree with the poster who recommended the korean market at warden/lawrence - the quality of their meat is excellent. when our family is doing a very big bbq, we go to Alex’s Meat Market at 7665 Kennedy Rd where they have for more than a decade provided korean cuts (even their signs are korean!) everything from samgyupsal (pork belly), to beef brisket, kalbi, bulgogi,...everything.... i think they are a bit pricey but the quality is very good