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Jun 3, 2007 01:32 PM

St. Louis Sunday Dinner Rec

This message is for you all you St. Louis locals. I am moving to Colorado and am going to be passing through St. Louis next Sunday and would like a dinner recommendation for me and my buddy that is making the drive with me.

I have researched several St. Louis institutions and they all seem to be closed on Sundays. Can anyone recommend any must do St. Louis "institutions" for Sunday dinner?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Let me narrow the focus of my request a little. We would really like to try some of St. Louis's famous toasted ravioli, so a great Italian recommendation would be appreciated.

    We have already researched and found that Cunetto's House of Pasta, Trattoria Marcella, Amighetti's are all closed on Sundays. Does anyone have any other great Italian places that are open on Sundays?

    Does anyone have any comments (pros or cons) about LoRusso's Cucina?

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      Most Italian places are closed on Sundays, something about God's day and Catholics. Now, having said that, there are places where you can get toasted ravioli's that isn't Italian. Michael's on Manchester is Greek with lots of great Greek and bar foods and they do a reasonable toasted ravioli.

      Were you planning on taking I-64 out to St. Charles? I think I-64 is closed from McCausland to McKnight or even further for highway construction. If you took I-44 south and swing to I-275 in order to catch I-75 west bound, it will take you right by the South Grand neighborhood. You will also pass by Webster Groves and Kirkwood, which are much more fruitful in terms of food than going north. Not much going on food wise up north, well, not much on Sunday afternoon/evenings. The I-275 northbound corridor is also pretty barren for unique places.

      1. re: Phaedrus

        Highway 40/64 is completely open, all the way from the Mississippi River to Hwy 70 in St. Charles Co. There will not be any closures until Jan. 08 at the earliest. There are some lane closures, on a rotating basis at Kingshighway, Tamm, and between Hanley & 170 & Brentwood. Just take it at moderate speeds and pay attention, especially if you are coming through at night.
        So afeldman does not need to worry. I also think you are referring to I-270 and I-70, so as not to confuse afeldman.
        Thanks, p.j.

        1. re: p.j.

          My bad. You move away for a few months and you get your directions all mixed up. Thanks PJ. I fthat is the case, then the I-64 corridor is the way to go. It opens you up to Central West End, Clayton, Lafayette Square etc.

          I liked O' Connell's but I wasn't that crazy about it, if you want that kind of food, Michael's does a much better job at a higher level. Its about a mile south of I-64 on McCausland and Manchester intersection.

          Try King Louie on Chouteau. Chez Leon in CWE. Niche. Frasier's Brown bag is good but it might be out of the way for your drive.

          Checkout the selection of places on, that is the Sauce Magazine's web site. They have a restaurant finder in there you can check out. You can also read the restaurant reviews there, if it is written by Joe Pollack or Ann lemons, pay heed, they are serious Chowhounds. and click on Entertainment, then Dining. That is the St. Louis Post Dispatch web site. Joe Bonwich, the food critic for the Post Dispatch is a Chowhound and his reviews are usually dead on.

      2. re: afeldman

        I think LoRusso's is about as good as you're going to get (for what you're looking for) on a Sunday night. And LoRusso's is very good.

      3. O'Connell's off I-44. Their kitchen is open noon to 10pm on Sunday. And they have killer food.

        1. Just off of I-44 at 3332 Watson Road is Biggie's. It is open on Sunday, has an Italian theme, and serves toasted ravioli. It is a neighborhood joint, with lots of families dining on a Sunday night. The food is average, but it does have the toasted ravioli.