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Jun 3, 2007 12:57 PM

I can't find the new "YUMMY CUPCAKES"!!

I have read so much about Yummy on these boards, so I went down to the Promenade last night, and couldn't find it anywhere. Went to Wilshire, and walked a few blocks east and west of the Promenade. Could someone tell me exactly where they are? Near Musha? Near CPK? Please help..I am on a mission. Thanks in advance. : )

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  1. It's really hard to see from the street. They're on the north side of Wilshire, I think between 3rd and 4th, next to the Sur La Table store. I don't think they have a sign.

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    1. re: aylowe

      Really? I was right next to Sur La Table, and all I saw was a cotton clothing store. Wow. It must be tiny!!

      1. re: cupcake

        Hm. Maybe it's a store down from Sur La Table. But I promise it's right around there. That's definitely the right block.

    2. Google it!

      313 Wilshire Blvd 90401
      Exit 4th/5th off the 10
      Go right to Wilshire, turn left
      2 blocks down on the right side!

      1. Are they run by the same folks as the Burbank cupcakery?

        1. they'll be at this thing at the Lowes hotel in SM called drinkeatplay today at 5pm. other chocolatiers, cucakes, etc.

          online it says its sold out though...who knows