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Jun 3, 2007 12:56 PM

Lobster on nh seacoast

We are looking to get the best lobster on the nh seacoast/southern maine. Lobster pounds or sit down/shack places. any help would be great...we've been to chauncy's and warren's.

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  1. In my opinion, lobster is best at a lobster pound. Other places that serve lobster usually make you pay about twice as much as at a pound (and pounds aren't known for cheap eats!). Others may disagree (and I must admit that when it comes to lobster, I can take it or leave it, so I'm not really a lobster conniseur).

    Some places to consider, and not in any particular order...

    - Cape Neddick Lobster Pound, Cape Neddick, ME -- nice restaurant atmosphere, very crowded in summer, but open year round, which is a plus
    - Cap'n Simeon's Galley, Kittery Point, ME, another nice restaurant
    - Chauncey Creek, Kittery, a more "traditional" lobster pound -- you eat outside, right off the creek. BYOC (Bring your own cooler) for beer, etc.
    - Lobsterman's Coop, Boothbay Harbor -- Not really southern Maine (it's a push!) -- one of my favorite lobster places. Eat on the pier, although there is inside seating for when it rains. A must-stop if you are at Boothbay.
    - Saunders, Rye, NH -- Another fine restaurant, limited menu, good lobsters, entertainment on weekends, outdoor deck for more informal dining.

    A web search should get you the locations, maps, etc. if you are interested.

    I've intentionally left off Robert's, which is across the street from Bob's Clam Hut (and owned by the same person) in the middle of Factory Outlet Hell in Kittery. I've been there a couple of times, and it's a nice restaurant, but not what I would consider a lobster pound. Weathervane nearby "specializes" in lobsters and other seafood, but it's really a chain, despite the fact that the one in Kittery is the flagship. These may be what you are looking for, but (again) not my idea of a place for lobster.

    Unfortunately, my mind came up pretty empty when it came to traditional "lobster pound" places in NH. With 14 miles of seacoast, you'd think there would be a few. I'd suggest taking a drive on Rt. 1-A from Seabrook to Portsmouth to see if you find any hidden treasures that I may have missed. Portsmouth in particular has a number of nice seafood places, but nothing that stands out as a lobster place except, perhaps, for Old Ferry Landing (Is that still open?) off Bow Street.

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      Two places you can add to your list in Seabrook, NH would be Brown's Lobster Pound and right across the street is Markey's Lobster Pound.

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        I don't do much traveling in Seabrook, at least in the last few years since the Road Kill Cafe closed down (now THAT was an experience!). I'll have to try Seabrook out again after summer season winds down. Thanks for the suggestions!

        1. re: lar3ry

          Yes, the Road Kill Cafe was a trip. Believe it or not, it's the one place that my daughter misses the most around this area.

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        Saunder's is the worst. Bad service, overpriced menu, dated and dirty dining room. Avoid Saunder's - there are much better places close by.

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          This post is a year old already, but since no one mentioned it, I thought i would add Newick's in Dover Pt. NH for future searches. It's a restaurant with a lobster pound in the front. It's on the bay and it's cafeteria style seating inside with long tables. Probably not THE best but it's def. an experience and probably a bit overpriced. Also, the Weathervane is a local chain yes, but every time I visit the area, I always get a lobster roll there. They are very consistently good and cheap!

        2. Both Marky's and Brown's on 286 going into Seabrook Beach have excellent lobster. I've always preferred Marky's for their lobster bisque and just seems more organized. Browns is byob, Markys has beer and wine, both have outdoor decks and indoor seating and are on the water. I also LOVE Ceals( on the left on 1A before the bridge into Hampton) for fried clams and scallops and O'rings, just a run down stand no sit-down or live lobster but man do they know how to fry, you have to catch them while you can short season maybe mid-june until laborday.

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            I also prefer Markey's. Order your lobster and then when you order your fried food to go with it, give them your lobster order number so everything can be timed to get done at the same time.

            And Ceal's is awesome!

          2. Another very good shack/sitdown place is BG's Boathouse. I think it's in Portsmouth, but right on the Newcastle line. Right on Sagamore Creek. Not really a shack, but everything is served on paper plates. Very good fried seafood and great setting. And they serve beer and wine.

            There's also another place that we just went to for the first time. Just down the Road from BG's. I think it's called the Icehouse. Fried seafood, burgers, and ice cream. I actually had a pulled pork sandwich which was a special and was very good.