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White River Junction, VT: Is Como Va Closed?

Does anyone know if it is still open or what happened?

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  1. Hey there good to see you again. Yes Como Va has closed
    it's doors. It is sad to see them go.
    Have you tried the new place called Elixir right down the
    street from there?

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    1. re: JOronte

      Thats a shame ... What happened? Everyone used to say that was the "go to" place for Italian! What's up with this "Elixir"? Sounds like something in Vegas...not wrj. How chic.

      1. re: professorbeezer

        I guess the business just wasn't there.
        Elixir opened the past Wednesday. It is calling itself a
        martini bar. They have a bottled water menu and a martini menu.
        Right now they are doing an assortment of small plates.
        The price range is $6-$13 on the food. We went the night it opened and
        had 5 different dishes.......all were very good.
        I will go and dine there again.

        1. re: JOronte

          How did you find out about it? - I haven't seen anything about them... What kind of food is it? Sorry about so many questions. BTW, good to be in touch with you again, too.

          1. re: professorbeezer

            It actually opened on Tuesday. There was an article about it on the
            buisness page in the Sunday Valley News. They have a few kinds of
            satays, and small plates. Pork dumplings, fish tacos, oysters, foie gras,
            an olive assortment, cheese plate, about 23 plates in all.
            We really enjoyed it.
            I have the menu scanned on my computer. I don't know if I can insert it here.
            I could e-mail it to you possibly.

            1. re: JOronte

              I'm headed over there today. i'll check out the menu, do you know who is running it?

              1. re: professorbeezer

                You mean there's someplace else to eat there besides the Polka Dot diner! We are in White River Junction every new years day at around 2:00 in the afternoon on our way back home from skiing and for whatever reason we stopped there one day and it has become a ritual. However, I'm readu for the ritual to change of there's someplace "alittle" better to eat for a quick lunch. Any suggestions?

                1. re: jnk

                  "A little" better is probably Crossroads up on Sykes Avenue, which has gotten noticeably better in the last two years, IMHO.

                  Tip Top is pretty nice, but a little spendy.

                  I've been meaning to check out Elixir soon. Maybe this week.

                  And, speaking of the Polka Dot, the other news from the last week's worth of papers is that the owner is retiring, so there's some uncertainty on the future of the Polka Dot.

                  1. re: kaszeta

                    Well, I discovered the hard way that Elixir is one of "not open on Monday" places, but it looks interesting enough to go back and try again later this week.

    2. Wow! I grew up nearby in Hanover. I can't believe WRJ has a martini bar!

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      1. re: lucybobo

        The chef/owner is Rob Taylor. He is running Elixir along
        with Ami Moore.

          1. re: professorbeezer

            Rob has been working in several places locally. He was at Grenache.
            Also The Canoe Club. He had a place in Camden Maine for a short time.
            I am not sure if he is from this area originally.

            1. re: JOronte

              Sounds good.. . I might check them out. Is it me or is the upper valley scene going through some intresting food times...?

              1. re: professorbeezer

                Very interesting times for sure. It is always great when a new and
                different place opens. I am always up for trying them out.

                1. re: JOronte

                  Us UV hounds should set up a gathering. (And/or I could round up some folks from uvscene.com as well).

        1. re: lucybobo

          Me too -- and me too?! 'Martini bar' is a really, really hard concept to choke down for WRJ which still looks fairly slumped to me (in a good way). The Polka Dot is no more. Not sure whether to add "alas" -- gone the way of the Four Aces I suppose.

          1. re: aliris

            What do you mean, the Polka Dot is no more? I ate breakfast there this morning, and it was the same diner fare I've been eating there for years.

        2. Hey, if Como Va re-opened do you think it would be a good thing?

          1. It seems like I just went into Como Va and spoke with Howard (the owner and chef)! I have been going there for years.....does anyone know what happened and where Howard might have gone?

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            1. re: dartmom

              I am not sure where he went or will end up.
              Just after Como Va closed I talked to him.
              He is looking for a chef job locally.

              1. re: JOronte

                any word on Howard or return trips to Elixir?

                1. re: professorbeezer

                  I have not made a return trip to Elixir. We do plan on it
                  though. Did you ever make a trip there Professor?

                  1. re: JOronte

                    Not yet. I wish I had more time to get out! I have yet to try several of the great restaurants around these parts.

            2. Do you remember the old Hartford diner before it burned down? I just heard the owners opened a place called Clara's in Windsor. Traveling from Mass. to Centeral Vermont four or five time a year for vacation has us experiencing the "cook by going out" method of food prep often. The food was really good.

              1. I have traveled this area for years and have eaten at every restaurant that has either interested me or I have heard about and this is by far the best food in the Upper Valley area.

                1. The largest difficulty I think Como Va faced was the seating capacity of the space. It's very limited, and in a business where prime hours, like 5-7 PM, are where you really make bread and butter it was probably very difficult for them to turn a profit, especially when the average meal there lasted well over an hour because Howard prepared each dish especially for each diner.
                  There is definately business in the area- Tip Top wouldn't still be open and doing well otherwise- and there is a theater in downtown, so there's always a crowd of people looking to eat nearby.
                  Yes, don't plan on eating on Monday in White River Junction! That's the one day off the restaurants take because at both Tip Top and Elixir the owners are also the chefs.
                  Elixir's martini bar menu is cute-many of the drinks are named after White River Junction businesses, but at $10/drink it's a bit pricey, even though the food is pretty good and very cheap.

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                  1. re: ballerinagrl2

                    Help! I will be in WRJ in a week on a Monday. Are there any options for a good quality, non-chain dinner? If not right in WRJ, somewhere within 5-6 miles?

                    1. re: Arnie

                      Quechee Woodstock and Lebanon are all close and have many options. Tip top cafe has had some good reviews not sure about Monday dining as a lot of my favorites tend to close on that day. Good Luck!