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Jun 3, 2007 12:21 PM

Recipes for flor de loroco or tecojotes?

My local grocery store recently liquidated its Hispanic frozen foods case. I'm a sucker for unfamiliar ingredients, especially at 25c per bag, so I bought several bags of both flor de loroco and of tecojote. Since bringing home the booty, I've done some research and recipe searches for both, but haven't come up with much.

The flores de loroco definitely have a distinctive taste, a highly aromatic earthy-squashy flavor (and aphrodesiac qualities, according to a few websites). I'm planning on making pupusas with the flor de loroco, but would love more suggestions for other uses. I've got a couple pounds of the suckers, frozen.

As for the tecojote, I've gathered that it's the fruit of a Mexican hawthorne plant and can be used in place of apples. I'm not finding many recipes, except for Christmas punches. The taste is starchy and not sweet, and my inclination is something with roast pork and chiles. I have about a pound and a half of the whole fruit (frozen, unpitted).

I'd love any suggestions on different things to try -- thanks so much!

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  1. Hi there, this is my first post. I have a nice cookbook entitled Puebla: Cocina de los Angeles by Patricia Quintana from 1992. There's a recipe for Tecojotes en su jugo from the village of Huejotzingo. The recipe calls for cooking over a wood fire in clay pots, but I suppose one could do it on the stove in a metal pot, though the smokiness would be missing.

    3 kg. sugar
    32 cups water
    10 strips of cinnamon of 20 cm each
    hot water
    4 kg tecojotes

    Light a wood fire. In a large clay pot put the sugar and dissolve it.(The recipe doesn't specify but I believe the sugar goes with the 32 cups water) When it boils (al soltar el hervor) put in the cinnamon. In another pot boil water and add the tecojotes. Cook them until their skin splits?(se haya reventado) or they feel soft. Remove from heat, let cool and peel. Let the syrup boil over medium heat (deje que al miel hierva a fuego mediano).When it's thick add the tecojotes and continue cooking them until they are soft and shiny (hasta que se suavicen y quedan glaceados.

    That's it. Maybe altering this recipe into some type of compote or relish would work with a dish. Good luck!

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      Definitely an interesting way to do it -- I like the idea of a compote. Thanks so much!

    2. I love cheese & loroco pupusas. Apparently you can also put loroco into chicken soup. Or make little dumplings with masa, cheese and loroco and fry them up. Don't have more details on that. Enjoy the lorocos, I'm very envious!

      1. I just ate at this fabulous restaurant, and the chef cooks with the loroco flower. Here is a link to some of his recipes:

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          Wonderful -- thank so much for the link. The pictures of the risotto and the crabmeat crepes look delicious. These will be fun to play with!