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Jun 3, 2007 11:52 AM

X20 Xavier in Yonkers NY

Looks like Peter Kelly has a winner at X20 Xavier. We were at a fund raiser Fridy evening and everything is magnificent. The food as always was very special.
The space is spectacular with breath taking views of the water.
It looks like Peter has another winner to add to his list.

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  1. We were at the Saturday fund raiser and it was amazing (other than the huge crowds). We didn't have a bad dish, and my wife decided that she really does like rack of lamb :-). The sushi was amazing. Actually, everything was amazing. Peter really knows how to throw a party!

    There will be an Interesting mix of people in the neighborhood given that there are some busy bars right across the street. BTW Saturday night reservations are now into July. And they will serve brunch but they don't have the details firmed up quite yet

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      I agree with you. I was there for dinner on Tuesday evening and the food, service, ambiance, atmosphere was wonderful. I had the rack of lamb which was perfectly cooked. I loved being over the Hudson River and watching the boats go by. I was with 4 friends and each one was more than pleased with their food. They are not accepting 'walk-ins' at this time. You must have a reservation to get in. Reservations can be made 1 month in advance. I'm going for brunch on July 1st and hope that's as good as my dinner was.

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        Please let us know how brunch was. How much do they charge? I had heard that the format was going to be different than at Restaurant X.

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          Brunch was just as wonderful as dinner. The charge is $38 per person. It's a sit-down service, not buffet. Along with ordering brunch from the menu, they pass out additional appetizer items (e.g. sushi rolls, coconut shrimp, lamb - on the bone). This place is a winner!!!!

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            Is champagne included? As an aside, I do wish the website was updated with menus, etc!

            1. re: Marge

              Unlimited champagne is included with the brunch.

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                What sort of stuff do they have on the brunch menu? I agree it would be nice if the menus were online. We'll be there next Saturday for dinner and I will try to get and post menus if possible.

                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    Just checked the website, the dinner menu is on there--looks great!

                    1. re: Marge

                      Thanks for pointing that out! So many choices...

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                        i noticed the menu has some similarities to X in congers. i have been to freelance and to xaviers in piermont but not X nor X20. i guess i'll wait for more reviews before we decide if the trip to yonkers is worth it.

        2. re: MisterBill2

          "There will be an Interesting mix of people in the neighborhood." I had to comment on this, although I'm talking environment and not food.

          I haven't been able to try X20 but I've gone to Patti J's to listen to live music and Belle Havana for the wine tasting. Yonkers was -- can't believe I'm saying this -- FUN!

          The crowd in both places, and on Main Street, was diverse, with a fun mix of people young (lots of piercings) and middle-aged. There were young couples sitting by the river. Groups of 20-somethings talking to each other and their cell phones at the same time.

          It felt like NYC to me 20 years ago, which is not surprising considering NYC is virtually unaffordable now.

        3. We enjoyed my mother's 80th birthday at X20 on Thanksgiving Day. I was a bit worried about going here for the first time on Thanksgiving Day, however I was fretting for naught! The entire experience was wonderful!! The decor, the view, the entire floor staff and, of course, the meal, were pleasant and quite memorable. I would HIGHLY recommend Xavier's X20 for a special dining experience! This is my first post to the Chowhound boards. I was delighted to find you, and felt so strongly about this restaurant that I took the time to offer up my experience. It was nice to see Chef Kelly (we've been dining with him since he was in Garrison, although he doesn't really know us personally) strolling around and speaking with diners. It made us feel welcome and special and he made her a special dessert complete with a "happy birthday to you!" message in chocolate -- made her day. Nice touch. Good luck! We will DEFINITELY return to dine here!

          1. So Impresssed... Everything from the bread to the little nut covered chocolate balls was perfect!
            I got to try a lot of different dishes because there was 5 of us and we all got something different and shared. For appetizers, the salad with the lemon pepper vinaigrette was awesome, the ravioli with braised short ribs was delicious, although a little heavy for an appetizer, my mom got an appetizer special of some kinda flan with scallops which was SOOOOO good!, and we also got the lobster crepe which was delicate and yummmy!
            For entrees, i got the swordfish with mango salsa.... best preparation of swordfish i've ever had. The fish was moist and perfect, and the mango sauce was a little creamy and it was so perfect with the fish! My brother and his gf got the cowboy steak. I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS DISH! the sweet glaze/crust on the outside was unbelievable and the meat SO extremely tender. My moms Rack of Lamb was probably the most tender lamb i've ever eaten! And my bfs Hog was delicious as well! For dessert, my absolute favorite was the coconut parfait, decadent cream with refreshing fruits!


            I was there at night but i bet the view is GORGEOUS during the day! the interior was beautiful as well!

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              MLS, savored your impromptu review of makes me want to return for a third time even though many of the same dishes remain from the opening menu...Peter Xaviar is a sturdy operator and I knew after my initial visits that the flaws would definately be worked out with time...Thanks for sharing your experience.

              1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                There was another thread on x2o where this was posted when I went in October, but I wanted to post on this one too because I don't know if I share the overly glowing sentiments on this place...

                This place is definitely good, but not great in my book. The setting, as many have mentioned already, is stunning and a real surprise for someone who used to work in Yonkers only 4 years ago and saw none of this there. The views are almost worth the price of the meal alone, although with winter approaching they won't be as dramatic in the dark. The decor is lovely and modern. I even loved the menu covers.

                The appetizers were by and large excellent but of variable quality. The spaghetti with crabmeat was nice with an interesting crunchy texture and a rich parmesan-like flavor although a touch hearty for an appetizer, and the crabmeat was generous. There was a special of smoked salmon in phyllo rolls done sushi-style that was very tasty with the smoked flavor coming through in an elegant way. The spicy tuna salad was a little disappointing, with the tuna to my taste ground up excessively even for a tartare and the tropical flavors sort of bland even, like what's available in most sushi bars. The scallop appetizer was excellent, with the scallops perfectly cooked, although I guess again, not particularly original.

                The entrees were good but again slightly underwhelming. I had the halibut which had a dashi broth poured onto it with long beans. The fish was a touch overcooked but very fresh and vibrantly white, but because of the slight overcooking and the chunky cut, it became kind of bland and tough, although it balanced well when dipped in the in turn somewhat overly salty but tasty dashi. The diced potatoes were bland. The overall impression was that the flavors were kind of boring.

                Dessert was great, the ricotta tartlet was somewhat incorrectly named as it was more of a berry tartlet, but it was really tasty and even the pine nuts tasted nice on top and I don't usually like pine nuts. The mascarpone ice cream was unbelievable but sadly only a small scoop.

                Service started out alright, and it was nice for the owner/manager guy to also drop by. But as the room filled up, the servers literally disappeared for long stretches of time and the entrees took forever to come out. I felt a little bit like I was stuck in an episode of Hell's Kitchen, just waiting and waiting while the restaurant got backlogged behind the scenes.

                Little bonus items like mini-eclairs at the end and peanut brittle were a nice touch, and valet parking is free with validation. I think this place has potential to be amazing, but it just isnt quite there yet. They need to work out some kinks, and the flavors could be cranked up a notch in terms of execution and originality.

                1. re: jeanki

                  jeanki, when was the last time you dined there?

                  1. re: gutreactions

                    late October. I'd certainly give this place another shot if it has improved since then, given the beautiful setting. I just didn't think when I went that it was as spectacular as this thread would make it sound food-wise.

                2. re: MikiLovesSugar

                  Thanks for the review.. time to call for another reservation!

                3. This restaurant is so beautiful. I had the lobster crepe was one of the most amazing things I've ever had! Just melts in your mouth. The service was excellent, the drinks were great, the food was incredible.

                  1. Went for brunch for my brother's birthday last Sunday. Although we had a 2pm reservation, we waited 40 minutes for our table because the party before us was lingering. We were not given any special treatment because of this nor even reassured that our table would be ready anytime soon. It became a very tense situation - some members of my family are NOT patient. Once finaly seated things improved, although we had the unfortunate experience of having a very annoying waiter. Aside from this, the food was excellent. Breads came around - choice of baguette, blueberry muffin, or pumpkin bread. No complaints when some of us chose more than one kind. I had the shellfish chowder as an appetizer, which was delicate and flavorful. In between courses, they pass hor dourves at set times - no negotiating! First came mushroom ravioli which were very robust in flavor but a little too mushroom-y for me. Next came lamb chops - delish! Then sushi - some kind of tuna sushi that was crunchy (Sushi Mike's has ruined me for any other sushi of this nature, but the others at my table enjoyed it) and then coconut shrimp - huge and very crunchy. For my main course I had pasta with shrimp and broccoli rabe - the rabe overpowered the flvor of the dish but it was ok. I should have known. The others with me enjoyed chicken, steak and cod. Our weasely waiter prentended to "bribe" us with an additional dessert because one of the ice creams was no longer available in a trio of ice cream several of us had ordered. Turns out the additional dessert was part of the passed hor dourves and would have come anyway - and he got the replacement ice cream order wrong. I'm not a complainer but too much went wrong this day. At one point, while receiving a champagne refill (free with brunch) cork landed in my glass and the server removed it, and never replaced it! I had to flag someone down to get a new glass which took awhile, given how busy they were. The building is stunning and the experience is not one to miss - but I won't be running back. I expect better treatment at a restaurant of this caliber. Perhaps those at the pre fix brunch are not treated as well as at the more expensive dinner? Just a thought. FYI - Peter Kelly was in the kitchen that day - I spotted him during our long wait. Recognized him from Iron Chef :-). Previous vists to his other restaurants yielded much more positive experiences than this one.