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Jun 3, 2007 11:44 AM

Blueberries and Raspberries

I am a glutton for blueberries. I adore them. I just got my new issue of Cooks Illustrated and am joyously jumping to try the blueberry scones...But I'm wondering what other wonderful recipes may be out there that I am missing, beyond the muffins??? Any salads? Cakes?

Also, I just purchsed a raspberry bush for our yard. Oh, how I wanted the blueberry one, but I'm a first time gardener (outside of pots) and wasn't sure if I had the acidic soil required for them to grow. Thus, a raspberry bush was the second choice (and a good one) you have any wonderful recipes for raspberries...I'd LOVE them as well.

Chowhounds, my berries are in your hands.
Hope they don't stain em.

Thanks, as always.

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  1. I recently made Blueberry Almond Cookies. They were delicious and adored by all. They are light and cakey ... a perfect summer cookie. I dusted Sugar In the Raw on the top for a sugary coating.

    Here is the recipe from another posting:

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      That sounds lie a really great recipe, thank you Krazy.

    2. Pancakes, because they're so quick and there is so little between you and the blueberries.

      Good in Irish soda bread.

      Sauce for pork chops--little red wine, some blueberries, a clove, touch of honey if needed, optional finish with butter. A few blueberries go a long way in such sauces.

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        There's a recipe for berry pancakes on my blog (May). Raspberries are great added to other pies, particuarly apple, and the same combination makes beautiful applesauce. If you like NY-style crumbcake, I like to put a layer of blueberries lightly cooked into a loose preserve between the cake and the crumbs.

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          oh, i just was at your site yesterday...yay! on my way to check them out.

      2. mix blueberries and raspberries together, along with other seasonal berries or maybe a perfect pink peach (cut into segments) and drizzle with balsamic reduction.

        1. Blueberries are great in coffeecakes, especially recipes with sour cream. I've also seen recipes where you make vanilla custard and pour it once chilled over blueberries, and serve topped with a sprinkling of brown sugar. Blueberry cream cheese tarts are fabulous. I made one for a dinner party years ago and it was a hit. My neighbor asked somewhat abashedly to take home the leftover tart; she liked it so much. The recipe was from the Greens cookbook, if I recall.

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            YUM! That tart sounds easy to figure out, I'm going to try it this weekend. Thanks AMY!

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              On the epicurious site there is a great blueberry almond coffee cake, that is almost muffin like. It's delicious and easy!

            2. the Silver Palate New Basics cookbook has a great lemon bluberry bread (it's much more of a cake) as well as a few other good blueberry recipes. I've subsittued raspberries or blackberries with great results

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              1. re: SteveInSoCal

                That sounds soooo good. I will have to track this one down. I don't own the SPNB book - so I'm on a mission.

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                  This recipe is an absolute favorite in my family. Go ahead and make two--it freezes well (if there is actually any left over)