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Jun 3, 2007 11:42 AM

Interesting Dishes

Anyone heard of a chinese dish called "Sauna Shrimp". I heard they serve it in a restaurant around Finch and Midland area. Help me find the restaurant name and exact location please.

I wanna bring the family to some new/interesting restaurant in terms of the way food are serve/prepare and presented.

We're not afraid to try new things..... sushi, hot pot, korean bbq, mongolian grill and buffet places already been too! Even though these places are great, we wanna experience some new! Your suggestions would be fantastic.


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  1. This is at "Full House" Restaurant.
    4188 Finch Avenue East

    It's fresh head on shrimp in a wooden barrel that has hot stones in the bottom. The waiter pours rice wine over the shrimp and puts the lid on so the shrimp steam in the "sauna". It makes a lot of noise and it's "showy".

    We used to go to Full house regularly before they changed management/ownership. We've been back only once and the menu is different with different cooks. We liked it better before so we don't go anymore. The sauna shrimp were good though.

    1. I've had Ethiopian food several times now and it is quite different. I think there was recently a discussion about it, so I suggest you do a search.