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Jun 3, 2007 11:35 AM

Domaine Hudson

Had a great dinner recently at Domain Hudson. It was definitely worth the 50 minute drive from the Chestnut Hill area. Very nice looking place, friendly service, very good food. The highlight is the wine list. 50 by the glass choices. They give you three very convenient paper menus: food, wines, cheeses. I mention that they are paper because you will want to keep the wine menu at your side during the meal, and the menus are not unwieldy. The choices by the glass are 1 oz., 3 oz. and 5 oz. We started with two glasses of champagne. I had a warm aspargus soup which was delicious. He had a salad with hazlenuts and blue cheese. Also very good. I had a pinot noir with my salmon. My companion had cabernet with his filet. We had vintage port with the desserts (it was nice to be able to get a 3 oz. glass at that point). Cheeses are offered in plates of 3 and 5. I would go back in spite of the distance. Only problem is parking. Perhaps it is easier during the week.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Re: parking at Domaine Hudson, make a right onto 13th St. just after Mikimoto's, then a quick left to park in the Colonial Parking lot (after 5pm). If you continue down the alley past the first lot, there's a second Colonial Parking lot, too. The two lots flank the restaurant and allow free public parking after 5 pm.

      1. You may want to try Kitchen 233 in Westmont, NJ as well. They have a cruvinet that holds about 40 bottles of wine served by the glass. They let you choose the size of your pour as well. The food was good, but a bit uneven when I first went, but friends of mine who have been more recently say it's better now.

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          Is this the same Domaine Hudson that is in Wilmington, Delaware or another one in Pennsylvania?

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            Domaine Hudson in Wilmington, DE (Washington St. between 13th and 14th Sts., across from Wilmington Hospital.)

        2. There is FREE PARKING AFTER 5PM at 14th & Washington Sts. in the Christiana Care lot for Domaine Hudson customers! It's accessible from the homepage of their website, but here's a link directly to the page: