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Jun 3, 2007 11:10 AM

Soba and Yudofu in Kyoto

There were two restaurants I enjoyed very much in Kyoto:

The first is yudofu at a shop across the street from the entrance to the Kitano Tenmangu shrine. This shop has a storefront that sells various yudofu products as well as a few tables on the ground floor and more seating upstairs. You will know you're at the right place if there is a line out the door. We ordered the set menus, about 1000 yen each, because we wanted to try much of the menu. This was my first time eating yudofu, so I will spare you the first-timer descriptions. Just try it.

The second is a soba shop called Arashimaya Yoshimura that made their own noodles fresh. They are located near a scenic bridge. The view from the restaurant overlooks the river and is beautiful and peaceful. We order the nishin soba (has cured mackerel) and also the cold soba with mountain vegetables. I was not a big fan of the cured mackerel because it just overpowered the flavor of the dish. So I removed the mackerel and ate the bowl of soba plain. Both versions of soba were delicious, mostly due to the great noodles. Now that I've had freshly made soba, I am ruined for the dried stuff.

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  1. The tofu place is called Kurosuke (くろすけ). I remembered having a couple of places in mind in the area around Kitano Tenmangu, and as I checked my map, I did have Kurosuke marked, but actually, it was a yoshoku restaurant called Grill Yahey (グリル 彌兵衛) that seems to be within a few steps from Kurosuke that was going to be the place I visited if I was in the area for a meal. Kurosuke is a well regarded tofu-ryori house, but yudofu doesn't seem to be their specialty, although I'm sure it must be very good.
    Kurosuke website:
    Kurosuke on Hot Pepper website:
    Grill Yahey website on gurunavi:

    Arashiyama Yoshimura sounds like a really cool place. There's a good photo of the view of the bridge from their dining room on their website. Looks like you did a good job of getting out and about away from the touristy places.
    Yahoo gourmet website: