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Jun 3, 2007 11:02 AM


If you want the world's best omelet you need to check out Jacques Parc Bistro in Yorkville. THE BEST!!! Great atmosphere too. Not cheap but worth every penny, who knew eggs could taste that good.

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  1. What makes it so special? Is it how they cook it or what's in it? Or something else?

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    1. re: idnas

      Its not the food so much, its the ambience , the service, the theatre!. They have a comedian waiter, from Sweden. The yolks on you!

      1. re: idnas

        Jacques has been around for, possibly, 30 years and used to be called Jacques Omelettes. I haven't been there for at least six years.

        Assuming they haven't changed anything (and it sounds like they haven't), they can make a perfect omelet as would be described in a classical French recipe. There's nothing special about the ingredients. It's just eggs, but they manage a thin outside shell surrounding an extremely creamy (but definitely cooked) core.

        The fillings are really good. My favourite was the chasseur, chicken livers sauteed in a dark, winy sauce with mushrooms. But the eggs, themselves, were (are?) special. Fell off my radar - gotta get back before he retires.

        1. re: embee

          Not sure what Vinne means about the theatre, I've never noticed that. It's the perfect spot for ladies that lunch....very french. I don't believe Jacques has any immediate plan to retire. If you go you must make reservations...the place is not that big.

          Can't say how they do it but the eggs are cooked to perfection, and the atmosphere is fabulous. It is owned and operated by Jacques and his lovely wife. My standard is their ham and cheese omelet - which is divine and they make a lemon tart to die for. Light and creamy, not too sweet - just right! I love the place. Great onion soup too!

          There is a picture on the wall of Rod Stewart and Jacques taken about a year or so ago. Apparently when Rod was visiting last, his plan was to go to Sassafrass but when the limo drove up Rod didn't like the crowd and wanted some place quieter so he had his driver run upstairs and check out Jacques which is only a few doors from Sassafrass.... apparently it was just what Rod had in mind because he ate there every night for the remainder of his week long stay and they have the picture to prove it.