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Minx in Glendale - Amazingly Awful

Invited to a birthday party at Minx in Glendale last night. To start, they charge $10 up front for valet. Did I mention this was in GLENDALE? Then they check my ID at the door and stamp my wrist. I tell the doorman, "they do this at Spago too." He gives me a dirty look. We had a reservation for 12 people. 11 of us were there, the 12th on the way so we cannot be seated. At the bar, a vodka tonic is $10. 90 minutes later we were lucky enough to sit down, not because our party took 90 minutes to get there, but because they don't have a table for us. The waitress comes over once we sit down for a lecture - to explain to all of us that if we would like to visit the club next door after dinner, we must all spend $25 per person. So now, they are telling us what we can order. Soup and salad? NOT FOR YOU! Anyway, I asked the waitress if that minimum included tax, since the main course my SO wanted was only $24. She said "24 is ok." Ohhhhhh, thanks. Unfortunately, that was the last we saw of her for about 35 minutes. After finally flagging her down, she says "oh, you are ready?" Duh. Some time later (it's after midnight by now) the food comes. Wow. If this is cuisine, I've been eating the wrong stuff. My SOs monkfish over lobster risotto might be the worst dish I have ever seen passed off as food in a place so packed. The risotto was cold, and I mean just-out-of-the-refrigerator cold. The monkfish, amazingly, was even colder. Like sushi. But cooked. Delicious. I ordered the ROCK of lamb. It's cooked in terra cotta. they come out and explain the process to you. fascinating. I ordered it medium rare. It was cold, and medium well. Rubber thinks that dish tastes bad. Then, the best thing happened, ever. while settling our bill, a fistfight broke out IN THE RESTAURANT. A great chance for me to whip out my "this happens at Spago all the time" joke. GLENDALE, its Fan-tastic! Anyway, I tell you this tale so that you do not make the same mistake of giving these people money. The balls on this place is unbelievable.

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  1. I've driven by this place before. It has a nice hill-top location. I've never been there, though.

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      Is this the place at the 2 frwy & 134 frwy. Sounds like a place I never want to go to.

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        I think that's the place. I just drove by it again, today. You can see it from the 134 freeway.

    2. Why would you go to a place like Minx and expect quality food and service? As you now know, that's not their specialty

      1. The girlfriend and I went there to try it on a Wednesday night and had the opposite experience. The place was nearly empty at about 8:30. We self-parked, no valet, in their lot. Service was friendly and efficient. The food was good, not excellent, but good verging on very good. Wine by the glass was maybe a buck or so more expensive per glass than I would have expected, but the waiter's recommendation of a wine we'd never tried before was very good.

        I have no idea what the place is like on a club night. But I try to avoid places on those sorts of nights anyhow. We had a good experience and will be back.

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          I wish you had posted on this site, I would have told you to stay away from minx

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            hey bro...buddy...you like my drakkar noir scented Monkfish....this place is bad news all the way around

        2. Thanks for the report but...how was the club? ;-)

          1. "they do this at Spago too."

            LOL. When you mentioned Glendale I was immediately reminded of the Beck song "I Wanna Get with You (and your sister, Debra)" Check out the lyrics -- hilarious.

            This place sounds terrible. I have a bf that lives near that area -- he's been saying we should check it out since it's close to his home. (We usually eat at nice places near my place in the Westside, mainly because, well... he lives near Glendale.) So thanks for this review -- I'm passing it his way with a big "I told you so!"

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              I eat in Glendale more than I eat in West LA, mostly due to proximity to where I live. Two of my favorite places are in Glendale, in fact:

              Raffi's Place (for kabob)
              (818) 240-7411
              211 E Broadway

              Paradise Pastry (for pastries)

              If you skip Minx, then check out what Glendale is more well-known for: Armenian food. :)

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                Wow! The geo-chauvinism on this Board is just delightful. I'll take the hillsides, wide-open streets and Spanish homes in Glendale over the obnoxiously over-priced, over-crowded, self-important Westside every time. Glendale is good for ethnic and some excellent Italian like Far Niente. Minx is as uncharacteristic of Glendale as good manners are of the Westside.

              2. I'm surprised this place hasn't morphed into a complete nightclub by now.

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                  I regret to admit that I really used to love Rusty Pelican in LB just off PCH back in the early 80s but the ocean view sure helped :-) , and half price happy hour appetizers not bad quite yum, but I heard this particular RP was pretty poorly run. And now? Just the name Minx sounds a little funny.

                  I did get a couple flyers in the mail for Minx dinner 2 for 1s, so I wonder if they are trying to scare up business?

                  Reminds me a little of the Vault in east Pas, although that strikes me as more sports bar than nightclub, I do get the impression from those gas lit flames around the outside, and the valet parking in east Pas not exactly common . . .

                  And I'm probably dumb, but I basically consider this location Eagle Rock more or less, please correct me and clarify if needed.

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                    Ooops, TinyNancer, that is a GREAT Beck song, totally got that comment, thx for the reminder.

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                      I think you're right about Minx being close to Eagle Rock. The address lists Glendale as the city, though. It's probably right near the border of LA and Glendale.

                      MINX Restaurant & Lounge
                      (818) 242-9191
                      300 Harvey Dr
                      Glendale, CA 91206

                      Also, a friend mentioned that the Vault in Pasadena is good. I actually like the torches that surround the exterior of the Vault. I've read bad reviews of it here, but it looks nice to me from the outside. I would like to try it.

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                        We used to go to there for Happy Hour when it was the Rusty Pelican. Who can beat the salmon, whitefish and scallion grilled kabobs for something like $4 for 3??!! That was before it was bought out by someone who completely changed the bar area into a "loungy" place - tables were lower than the couches, velvet all over (wonder if it is still that way?). Never ate at the restaurant, but several of us would meet in the bar regularly.
                        One of my friends told me that her very wealthy step-father told her that Minx was "the most expensive fish restaurant I have ever been to - and it wasn't even that great!". That alone has kept me away - not to mention your post!

                    2. both the Minx and the Vault suffer from trying too hard to be too much for too many...the end result is that the effort to bring a little WeHo to Glendale and Pasadena is more of a No-Go.

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                        Every time I drive by there I get this feeling that inside are guys in shiny suits like the SNL Night at the Roxbury guys.

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                          I think I remember S. Irene Virbila reviewing this place a while back, and she gave it a low rating--either no star, or maybe 1/2 a star. I was thinking about taking in-laws there for Thanksgiving dinner, and called about their menu--it was too weird (think meat with fruit foam type of sauce) so I quickly dismissed it. Went to French 75 instead, and it was great.