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Upper West Side (or at least non Chinatown) Chinese

We live on the Upper West Side and are frustrated by the lack of good Chinese food in Manhattan compared with the West Coast (or I suppose Flushing), especially outside of Chinatown.

To give you a sense of what we're looking for, here are the places we like in Chinatown:

Excellent Pork Chop House
Great NY Noodle Town
Joe's Shanghai (the detractors are wrong on this one if you know what to order)

Outside of Chinatown, and applying a lower standard, I think the following are decent:
Henry's Evergreen
Shanghai Pavillion
Ivy's Cafe

If you have any other suggestions (preferably on the UWS but really anywhere uptown/midtown) I would love to hear them. I am particularly interested in places that really scratch that very basic noodle itch.

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  1. UES: Wu Liang Ye (215 E 86 St @ 3 Av)

    1. West Side Chef (57th Street between 9th and 10th Ave)

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        i was gonna recommend ivy's cafe but i see it listed in your OP. have you tasted their peanut sauce? it is the best in the city. china fun has really great dumplings (probably one of the best i've tasted even throughout chinatown). i also like their stone forest chow fun and their singapore curry cow mei fun. i usually buy the peanut sauce from ivy's and pour it over the mei fun from china fun. it is soooo good. i don't like the noodles in ivy's as much. i agree it's a struggle to find god chinese up here. i've tried nearly everything on the UWS, south of 116th.

      2. The dan-dan noodles at Wu Liang Ye are pretty good. While you are there, try the firewater the restaurant is named after...I swear it tastes like pineapples!

        1. I always liked the roast pork noodle soups at the China Fun on the East Side and Ollies on B'way will do in a pinch. There is a midtown branch of Joe's, but cannot vouch for quality. Also on the UES, Cafe Evergreen is excellent, if pricey, for dim sum.

          1. What about 88 Noodle House at 88th & Columbus for take-out? They have a big variety of noodles on their menu. I haven't tried many of their noodle dishes, strange as it may seem, but lately I've been getting jumbo shrimp there. Their shrimp have been firm and fresh-tasting, not mushy and poorly-cleaned like so many of the other places around here. It might be fun to order a whole bunch of different noodles and see which of them you like. For noodle soup, I've always liked China Fun best because I like their broth. I also like the "special soups" at Silk Road, like chicken with mustard greens, because they're very light and simple.

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              Just FYI 88 Noodle House closed down over the weekend. There's a collection notice on the door. Too bad, that was decent food delivered super-fast.

            2. There have been a few decent suggestions above but the long short of it is, sorry to say, Chinese food on the UWS is mediocre at best. There are no standouts. Here's what you do: take the 1, 2, or 3 to Times Square, move to the front of the platform while waiting for the train so you can exit at 40th st. Walk one block east on 40th to Bryant Park then proceed to Szchewan Gourmet on 39th between 5th and 6th. It's perhaps the best Sichuan restaurant in Manhattan. Not really a focus on noodles, but the Dan Dan noodles are very good. For a more local noodle fix I can suggest the Drunken Noodles from Land Thai and actually the Pad Thai noodles from The Cottage don't suck.

              Some people seem to like Shun Lee West. I don't particularly care for it.

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                I have found Manhattan to be shockingly devoid of really fine Asian food. So I take second best on the UWS which is Shun Lee. At least the plates aren't full of glop.

              2. I third Caphill and Suedot on China Fun, though I'm not all that fond of their noodles. China Fun does dumplings, dan tat, steamed little soup dumplings, curry puffs, daikon radish cake, and other dim sum items competently. Oh, and i like that they have warm, fresh soybean milk on weekends.

                Pearl's is also decent for similar items.