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Jun 3, 2007 10:58 AM

Mount Prix Fixe

We went to La Pallucci at Mount Pleasant and Millwood on Friday for a little patio action and I got a three course prix fixe which included a very tasty grilled calamari with balsamic vinagrette an sun dried tomato and a risoto with steak and portabello truffle sauce. It was all really good and the price was very reasonable. On our way up the street to get some gelato we noticed that 3 or 4 of the other restaurants were also doing $25 prix fixe. I found this very .. well, pleasant!

When we were in France a few years ago on holiday, we saw that most restaurants offered a prix fixe menu. I remember commenting that I wished that more Toronto restaurants did this outside of the sumer/winterlicious events. So, here's some applause for the Mount Pleasant restauranteaurs. I fully plan to work my way though all the menus along there!

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  1. When we moved to Toronto from Montreal almost 11 years ago, we were very surprised that restaurants here did not have what is referred to in Montreal as a "table d'hote." In Montreal, a table d'hote carte is found on the front page of most restaurants' menus, and one has the option of ordering from it, or from the regular a la carte menu. Rather than it being "prix fixe," though, each main course has a different fixed price (this makes sense, since lobster and filet of sole should be priced differently), and one chooses the appetizers and desserts from an accompanying list of options.

    Here in Toronto, the only time I"ve encountered it is at Bistro Tournesol and Le Paradis.

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