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Jun 3, 2007 10:32 AM

Friday night dinner with 4 colleagues in Silverlake-where?

Back to the old Silverlake discussion...I am responsible for choosing the venue....4 of us from work are going to dinner on Friday night around 7 PM. Not really interested in any place too loud or crazy. My colleagues don't care for Vietnamese, so Gingergrass is out (this is the only place in Silverlake I have been). I am vegetarian, the others are not.

I would probably say that under $20 pp is best.

Lets hear it! THANKS!!!

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  1. Tropicalia in Los Feliz has great food at a great price. And you can order from the extensive wine list of the wine bar next door.

    1. At that price point, I'd have to leave out Blair's and Canele. Your best bets are:

      Rambutan: Thai tapas in a mellow, dim, beautiful room.

      Michelangelo: Neighborhood Italian in a small cafe setting with warm staff and homemade pastas.

      Elf Cafe: Small room on Sunset (Echo Park/Silver Lake border), vegan/vegetarian cuisine. Really good and we are omnivores.

      Good luck!


      1. My vote is for Michelangelo on Silverlake Blvd. I had to make a stop at the 7-11 next door around dinnertime last night and the smell wafting over into the parking lot from Michelangelo's was divine!